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QUICK REVIEW: 'Girls' Season 5, Episode 1: Wedding Day, Marnie Shouldn't Marry Desi

The premiere of Girls season 5 kicked off last night and with a wedding!

So here is a quick recap and my thoughts: 

First off, Jessa and Adam kissed and I'm so here for it! But, this may be breaking girls code with Hannah, right?

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The premiere episode is all about Marnie & Desi's wedding day. Marnie has a minor meltdown. It starts raining and she's having an outside wedding, not good. Plus, her makeup looks like sh*t and her mother even tells her she looks like a Starbucks cup, LOL!

We find out Ray is still in love with Marnie, of course. Also, Desi starts getting cold feet, Hannah winds up doing a quickie in the car with her new, normal boyfriend, Fran (remember she rejected Adam last season!?), and Shoshanna is briefly back from Japan.

Woah, that was a lot. 

So, while I was watching the show last night, I just kept thinking... Marnie, please don't rush and marry Desi, huge mistake! 

How many of us don't like this guy?

Plus, Hannah found out from her boyfriend, Fran, that this is Desi's eighth engagement AND Marnie is wearing a leftover ring that was meant for Desi's ex-girlfriend. 


Hannah decides not to spoil the wedding and she doesn't tell Marnie. I think Hannah should tell her because Marnie has the right to know before she marries this guy. But, we have to wait until next week to see the wedding actually happen (I hope it doesn't).

I needed this episode to be an hour long! 
Did you watch the 'Wedding Day' premiere?