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The New Guy Tells You Everything You Want To Hear, But Sometimes The Grass Isn't Greener On The Other Side

Before you cheat, before your relationship ends ...
Temptation is a bitch, but don't fall for it, resist and stay strong.

Yes, they'll be times when you can't stand your man, when you disagree and argue with him.
Maybe he forgot something important or maybe the compliments stopped pouring in or maybe he got a little boring in the relationship. 

I'm telling you, this shall past. 

If he's a good guy (loyal, trustworthy, loving, good looking, etc.), try and work things out with your significant other instead of looking elsewhere. Don't become this emotionally vulnerable woman who is open to the next man willing to show you attention. 

Don't fall for that new guy who is cute, the one who takes interest in you right away. This new guy may start off asking how your day is, then he may buy you a cup of coffee. Next thing you know, you add him on social media, you exchange numbers, the texting starts, you tell your friends about him, and then you go out to lunch, then dinner and so on. 

You may think you're doing nothing wrong, he's just a friend, this is innocent, right? But, if your man back home doesn't know about this guy and you're hiding texts and other info, you've already started cheating. 

Before you know it you feel comfortable enough to open up to this new guy about your personal life. And next thing you know, you're ranting to this new guy and complaining about your man back home.

Don't fall for the trap.

This new guy will be a good listener, he will give you that shoulder to lean on, he will be your biggest supporter and more. 
He will tell you everything you want to hear and how your man back home should treat a woman like you. 

The new guy will do things that your man back at home stopped doing. Maybe it'll be giving you those compliments that you haven't heard in awhile. Us women love to hear we're beautiful, we love when men actually notice the little things, we love the attention, etc. 

Don't fall for it from this new guy.
This new guy will tell you all of this and more. He will put a smile on your face. He will make you feel wanted ... Something you miss. 

Everything is new and fresh again. 

Eventually your feelings will start changing for your man back home. 
The new guy will have your feelings all mixed up. You miss being wanted, you crave that passion. 

Before you know it this new guy will become the man at home.

You fell for all the stuff he was feeding you and it worked. Now what happens when he starts to change? What happens if this new guy is even worse than the last? 

What happens if the last guy was the one for you but you just didn't give him a chance? Too busy putting your energy into the new guy instead of trying to work things out with the last one. You should've communicated with the old guy and been upfront about your feelings before exploring other options. 

Don't act surprised if this new guy doesn't respect you or if he cheats on you later down the line. Look at how he got you... he stole you away!

I get it, we're humans, we fuck up and make mistakes. 

It's so tempting to feed into what we're missing. The new guy seems like a prize, he's a breath of fresh air, he's everything your old guy wasn't giving you. You'll learn. 

I'm here to tell you, sometimes the grass isn't greener on the other side. Have you heard the saying, "the grass is greener where you water it?" If you only have small problems in your relationship, trust me, they're worth talking about and working through. 

Just remember, new things become old. That's when you'll realize you should've stayed with the first guy.

But, guess what? Now it's too late.

The first guy was that nice, great guy you left. He'll have no problem finding the next chick. And, the next chick will know exactly what she wants and won't waste a minute of his time. 

- La La

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