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'Bad Girls Club Twisted Sisters' Premiere Recap: The Twins Are Already Outcasts, Olivia Reveals A Shocking Secret

From left to right: Asia & Amber, Annalisa "Anna" & Jessica,
Kristina & Angela and Olivia & Diamond

Season 15, Episode 1 Recap: "Sis and the City"

First off, I can't believe I've been watching the Bad Girls Club for 10 years, wow!

I didn't realize how long the show has been on TV until watching the opening of the new season which premiered Tuesday night.

Instead of the typical BGC theme song and opening, this season of BGC: Twisted Sisters got a brand new song and a different opening which included a quick flashback of some of the craziest scenes from seasons 1 - 14. 
The season 15 cast arrived in Los Angeles and this season they are teamed up with their sisters.

We're first introduced to an interesting duo: Diamond and Olivia who are both gay sisters. These two seem very close and they will be dropping a couple of secrets this season ... one was already revealed!

Diamond makes it clear to the other ladies from the jump that she'll ride for everyone as long as they ride for her. She's acting like the... umm... perfect gentlemen. 
The ladies start off taking some shots and then head out to the club scene. Kristina gets turnt up and Angela gets pissed that she has to babysit her sister everytime she drinks. These two will continue to bicker A LOT throughout the season. 
The next day, the ladies play Truth or Dare. Olivia dares her sister Diamond to tongue kiss Kristina and then Angela. And, of course, Diamond has no problem doing that!

Asia gets dared to shake her booty on Diamond and she literally bounced her ass on Diamond's face. Diamond is in heaven at this point. 

The twins, Anna and Jessica look on in disgust as the girls are doing their dares. 

Will the twins make it all the way to the end of the season?
"It's like embarrassing. You're a girl and that's how you act?," Anna said. "You're supposed to be a lady, like you're gross." 

Jessica added, "I'm not sloppy, that's not my style."

Olivia dared Anna to go in the house and hide something of someone's. Anna chickens out in fear of starting some drama so she takes shots of liquor instead of completing her dare.

Next up, Olivia dared Jessica to suck Diamond's boob... What's up with all the girl on girl action, you can hear one of the girls ask.

Jessica was like, "nah." 

Olivia then told her to swim laps in the pool without her top on and Jessica said she can't swim. The twins are too classy for Truth or Dare. 

The other girls just want the twins to loosen up and play with them. Aw. 

Later on, the girls danced around on the pole (you know there is always a stripper pole in the BGC house now!) ... well, not all the girls. The twins just stood back and watched and then they both walked away and went upstairs. 

The other girls notice the quick divide between them and the twins. Diamond said, "The twins aren't really bad girls, they're different. I think they have fun a different way than we do."

"They don't really turn up as much as we do, they're f*cking boring," Kristina said.

You can already tell it's: The Twins vs. Everybody Else.

Olivia had a mini break down as she's still dealing with the loss of her mother who passed away 11 years ago. Diamond comforted Olivia who said she still calls her mother's house phone wishing she would pick up.

"I miss my mom and I just wish people appreciated their parents more because you only get one mom, and when she's gone, she's never coming back," Olivia said. 

Olivia later drops another bomb on the ladies
The house is already filthy from the girls only living there for one day. While everyone is cleaning, Angela noticed her sister Kristina is just sitting around doing nothing and she gets angry at her.

"My sister is annoying me. I always had to clean up her mess and be her mom and I do not want to do it in the Bad Girl's Club house," Angela said. "I f*cking hate her so much right now."

Well damn! Over her not cleaning? 

Kristina & Angela
These two are a bit much with their arguing. 
Kristina yells out that she can't walk (she messed up the heel of her foot while she was drunk the night before).

Angela doesn't want the other girls to think they're weak. She said her and her sister should be fighting with the other girls, not each other. 

Later on while the girls are headed to another club spot, Angela and Kristina start arguing again in the limo, and it's over the pettiest sh*t! You would think they're enemies instead of sisters.

Inside the club, as the ladies are dancing and whatnot, Amber noticed Diamond and Olivia are dancing extra close... like, extra, EXTRA close.

"I don't think I dance with my sister like that, but hey, everyone is different," Amber said.
On the ride back home, Olivia told Diamond she's the sexiest stud.

Kristina thinks Diamond and Olivia have a weird relationship. (I think so too. But, I'm still waiting to learn more about them). 

Olivia gets emotional during the ride back home and decided to open up to the other girls. She said, Diamond is all that she has since she lost her mom. She goes into further details, revealing her mom passed away from cancer. Olivia also said she doesn't want to go out like her mom and she doesn't want treatment.

Uh oh...

The girls teared up and Olivia revealed a shocking secret which changed the dynamic of the house. She told the other girls she's scared because when she went to the hospital, she found out she had stage 3 cervical cancer.

After hearing the news, Angela realized how petty her arguments have been with her sister.

"Tell her how much you love her because you never know when your time is coming," Olivia said as the sisters hugged it out.

While everyone else was sobbing and bonding, the twins were in their own world in another room. Anna was on the phone smiling and talking to her boyfriend while her sister, Jessica was resting in bed.

Anna told her boyfriend that the other girls were having a deep conversation but she rather talk to him instead. 

Amber got pissed off when she realized the twins were no where in site when everyone else was bonding.
Amber & Asia

Amber confronted Anna who said she just wasn't ready to hear everything Olivia was telling them. Jessica woke up and said she had to lay down because her stomach hurt.

"I think Jessica and Anna are not Bad Girls, they're very boring," Amber said. 

"And, if they don't begin to participate and interact with the girls very soon, they might not be here for long."
Overall, I think this season looks promising. I'm glad Oxygen changed it up a little and I actually hope the ladies get the twins out. They are a bit boring to watch. Lol. 

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