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Former Friends And 'Deuces' Collaborators Chris Brown & Kevin McCall Get Into A Social Media Beef

Chris Brown and Kevin McCall have not been seeing eye to eye lately. The "Deuces" collaborators are going at it on social media. Kevin has gone off on a Twitter rant over the R&B star and it looks like he's pissed over a business matter:

In a tweet Kevin started off saying, "@ChrisBrown we need to sit down and handle this business. I tried the adult business route. I feel my kindness is being taken for weakness." 

Check out the rest of his rant below and also see what Chris had to say about it!

Chris didn't reply directly to Kevin but instead took a jab at him on Instagram:

Chris also responded on an Instagram Breezy fan page and said Kevin was dropped from his label. He also said nobody wanted to work with Kevin: 

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