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Zoe Saldana Gets Slammed For Portraying Nina Simone In Upcoming Biopic + Watch The New Trailer

Zoe Saldana is catching major heat for her upcoming role as Nina Simone. The 37-year-old actress will portray the late singer in an upcoming biopic Nina which has raised a lot of controversy.

Zoe has faced criticism over her casting in the film due to her lack of both singing experience and resemblance to Simone. 

Zoe, who is Puerto Rican and Dominican, has said before that she identifies as being a black woman. 

The actress reportedly darkened her face with make-up and wore a prosthetic nose during the shoot for the film. She is accused of donning 'blackface' for the role and some are even saying it's disrespectful to the singer. 

Zoe tweeted a Nina Simone quote, "I'll tell you what freedom is to me — No Fear ... I mean really, no fear."

Nina's estate responded and slammed Zoe on Twitter:

Check out the new Nina trailer below: