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Another Woman Claims Fetty Wap Is The Father Of Her Baby (Photos)

Fetty Wap just had a baby girl, Khari Barbie Maxwell, with reality star Masika, making this his third child. 

The soon-to-be 25-year-old Jersey rapper had to be slapped with a paternity lawsuit to prove he was actually the father of Masika's baby. 

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Now, another woman by the name of Shaniqua (Instagram name: gorggeous_slim) is claiming that Fetty Wap is the father of her son.

She posted a series of messages and photos on her Facebook page and said:

"Moral of The Story I was FW Fetty Which everybody knew me & him was on bad terms I start FW Faatier 💯me & Fall Fell Apart I start FUCKN back With Fetty."

"I got Pregnant in Dec. 💯 I was still FUCKN Fetty 🏼Stfu cause All y'all Bitchs Do it 💯 I had Chemistry with Faatier- Fetty Was just lust .! Always play the game how it go shit happens I got pregnant a lot of ppl laughing but in the same shit situation I know clearly who my baby father is 💯 Faatier I apologize for anyway you feel anybody got something to say oh well I'm done." 

Shaniqua also posted these text messages below which are supposedly between her and Fetty:

(Click photo to enlarge)

Fetty Wap denied he's the father. He commented on another blog earlier saying this is getting old and he wishes this woman would find the real father. 


I just think it's sad (and nasty) that all of these women are having unprotected sex with Fetty Wap. They're obviously looking for a check, a come up or maybe a guest spot on a reality show for baby mama's.

Like, c'mon! 

Fetty is on Dirty Feet Pete (Peter Gunz from Love & Hip Hop New York& grandpa Richie's (Rich Dollaz) level when it comes to dealing with these chicks. Yet all of these dudes are still bagging hella chicks! 


Look, I'm not perfect by any means, but us women have to do better. You flat out know a dude is a male ho yet you still don't wrap it up!?