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Draya Michele Shows Off Her Incredible Post-Baby Body, Addresses Online Haters

Draya's amazing looking body after giving birth
Draya Michele is not playing around!

Draya and Orlando Scandrick welcomed their son into the world on April 8th. About a week later, Draya showed off her incredible snapback on social media.

After Draya was criticized for concentrating so much on slimming down, she took to Instagram and Snapchat to fire back at critics and explain why she was so eager to share her photos. 

The reality star said she's not obsessed with her weight, working out is just apart of her lifestyle.

"I chose to record myself after giving birth because I am proud of myself. For 8 months straight I was dedicated to my health and the health of my growing baby. I went to the gym and walked 5 miles a week,” she wrote. 

“I’ve never been so focused and determined. I’m excited about my results. I would also like the credit for my hard work and leave no room for people to give credit to plastic surgery or ‘having money’ (whatever that means). I truly wanted people to be aware that I achieved these results fair and square.”

“Instead of coming for us fit moms u should reevaluate ur inner insecurities & determine why u so mad… she shows her stomach I get mad.” 

She also wrote:

“I took spin classes till I was 7+ months, hiked 3 days a week, Walked a mile a day in the 8th and 9th months, drank an ocean of water and ate mostly healthy… So if I wanna post my stomach 3 days after birth I will because you know why ITS FLAT AND I LIKE IT THAT WAY #SNAPBACK.”