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Is Angela Simmons' Mystery Man A Felon? Check Out His Name, Photo & Criminal Charges!

Say It Ain't So!?

Angela Simmons, star of the new reality show Growing Up Hip Hop and daughter of the famous rapper and minister Rev Run, has a mystery boo. 

The 28-year-old reality star - who was rumored to be linked to "Down In The DM" rapper Yo Gotti - posted her mystery boo a couple of times on her Instagram page, but she hasn't posted a picture showing his face.

Angela posted this pic about a month ago on Instagram
Well, I just received an email tip from an anonymous source explaining why Angela is not completely showing off her boo. 

Looks like her supposed boo, Sutton Tennyson, is a felon and a scam artist. My source writes to me:

"Angela Simmons has a new boyfriend and she's keeping him a secret for a reason.  His name is Sutton Sean Tennyson he is from Atlanta GA.  He currently lives in LA."

"Well...........he is a lifetime criminal and has been in trouble since he was 21 he is now 35. He has been arrested for gun charges, credit card fraud, identity theft, drugs, eluding police, aggravated stalking, burglary, battery and the list goes on. He was arrested last March at LAX Airport for drugs. He is currently serving 36 months probation for that crime in which he was sentenced December 2015. He has also done jail time."

"He tells people he is a partner for Chosen Payments based out of Moorepark CA but he sells drugs for a living. They let people with credit card fraud work for them, I think not. They are a credit card processing company."

"He has supposedly given a girl herpes in school.  He preys on woman who are financially stable.  He is very charming and  comes across as a good guy, NOT!!!!  Angela is not the only person that he is seeing!!!  He's a lame and has pulled wool over her eyes!!!"


So, I dug around and looked up this dude online and look what I came across... it looks like Mr. Sutton was charged with assault, fraud, violating his probation and much more:

This screenshot is from a blog website saying Sutton provides
credit car processing services,
which my source says he's using as a cover up because he sells drugs

Does Angela know about her boo? No bueno.