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'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Season 5 Premiere Was Blah: Mimi Faust Is Gay + Former 'Fugitive Of The Week' Karen King Joins The Cast

Ready for more fake beefs, liquor throwing chicks, and reality ratchetness at its finest? Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is back!

I just watched the first episode which premiered Monday night, and honestly, I thought it was wack. I'm sure the show will pick up more once K. Michelle makes her return and when Joseline & Stevie J appear on screen.

Harpo, Who These New People? 
Karen King Is A Former Fugitive!

There are a lot of unnecessary, new faces (as every season) added to the cast this season. 

I feel like they should have waited to show all the new people after us viewers got comfortable with rewatching the older cast members on the first episode.

But, one interesting new cast member to point out is Karen "KK" King, a former 'Fugitive Of The Week!'

Karen King was once featured on the 11Alive segment in 2012 and on TV show America's Most Wanted, after she was accused of being involved in the severe beating of an ex-boyfriend.
King was wanted by the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office for Kidnapping with Bodily Injury, Aggravated Assault and Aggravated Battery in connection with the incident. Her son Alonte Smith and his brother Lyndon Smith (who also star on the show) were later arrested in connection to the incident.
Woah. Mona Scott got fugitives on the show now! I wouldn't mess with them!

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Anyways, so messy ass Karlie Redd (Young Joc's ex) meets up with Rasheeda (these two are friends again) and Tammy Rivera (Waka Flocka's boo thang who is now back on the show) at an event to honor rapper Dolla, who was killed in 2009. 

The ladies catch each other up on their lives while us viewers are introduced to the new cast members... KK enters with her two sons, Scrapp DeLeon and Sas, as well as Scrap’s girlfriend Tommie.

We find out the King family is well respected in Atlanta and may be a little crazy.

During the event for Dolla, KK tells Tommie she needs to talk to her about Scrapp’s ex, Tiarra, who’s the mother of his son. KK believes Scrapp is still hooking up with Tiarra and wants Tommie to get to the bottom of it.
Tommie (who is also friends with Joseline Hernandez) later pops up at Tiarra's job along with Karlie and Jessica Dime to do some spying. It looks like Tommi and Tiarra will have beef throughout the rest of the season. 
Mimi Faust Reveals Her New Relationship

- Perhaps the biggest shocker of last night's premiere episode is that... Mimi is gay!? ... Or, bi?

Well, after her disaster of relationship with Nikko and the whole sextape incident, it looks like Mimi has had enough of men. She calls dating a female a different experience and says she's been through the worst of the worst with men. 

She has been keeping her relationship with her not-so-new girlfriend, Chris, under wraps for about a year now. Since the show is so perfectly well scripted and played out, Mimi decided to only tell a select few knew, including her BFF Ariane (why is this chick still on the show? Can we get her a story line, please, besides her being Mimi's friend). 

Although Mimi has messed around with Joseline, she says, Chris is the first woman she had a relationship with. 

Mimi says, "I never thought I would be in a relationship with a woman, but that's exactly what happened and I'm happy." 

Male Hoes: Young Joc & Scrappy + Momma Dee 
Rasheeda & Kirk Frost

- Newly single dudes Young Joc and Lil' Scrappy bought are living together in their own bachelor pad, oh boy ... bring on the hoes! 

Joc already has his eyes on Scrappy's assistant, Taylor, who stays around the house to help them.

- Rasheeda says her and Kirk are in a good spot (for now, ha). Their once good friend, Scrappy is feeling some kinda way with the couple because they didn't show up and support him at one of his court hearings. 

- And, of course, Scrappy's crazy mom, Momma Dee, went off to defend his battles, and she confronted Rasheeda about it at her new store. 

Momma Dee also addressed that whole dining and dash incident that happened last September. She explains, she went to the restroom and when she came out, her friends were gone and left her with a $500 tab ... at her own birthday celebration! 

Momma Dee says, she was willing to pay her part of the bill, but not the entire check, and that's when she got arrested. But, she never dashed, the whole incident was one big misunderstanding. Read that story HERE if you missed it. 

Missing In Action: K. Michelle & Joseline Hernandez who was said to still be in Los Angeles with Stevie J. 

Coming up this season, will we find out that Joseline and Stevie J were actually never married? Will Karlie get engaged to singer Lyfe Jennings? Stay tuned!

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