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Viola Davis And The Rest Of Us Have Questions Over The Beating Death Of Amy Joyner ... When Will Charges Be Filed?

Emmy award-winning actress Viola Davis posted on her Instagram page about Amy Joyner - the 16-year-old girl who died after three students reportedly beat her up in a school bathroom at Delaware high school. 

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Viola asked the question that myself and a lot of others want to know: When are charges going to be filed against the girls who beat up Amy??

Authorities are reportedly not ready to file charges in connection with the beating death of Amy. The school suspended the three girls who were allegedly involved in the fight. The students will be charged in the case, but it's not clear when exactly those charges will be filed. 

Also, cellphone footage showing the fight leaked on the internet. (And, no, I will not be posting that video on my blog).

This is a sad world we live in nowadays when people will rather film a video in hopes of it going viral rather than jumping in and taking action to actually help the situation. 

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