Friday, April 29, 2016

Why Does Usher Look Like This? The R&B Singer Snapchats A Pic Of His Peen (Photo)

Now, everybody knows I LOVE me some Usher, baby. Yes, I'm an Usher stan... but, what's going on with his body?

You know Mr. U-S-H-E-R  R-A-Y-M-O-N-D has never been afraid to take his shirt off onstage and show off his chest. But, where exactly did his muscles go? 

In a recent Snapchat photo, the 37-year-old singer showed off a series of videos and pics, one of them of him naked in a steam room with an emoji covering most of his peen.
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See more of the exposed photo here

This photo has circulated around and while people are cracking jokes, I wanna know is it just a bad angle? Is he sick? Is he losing weight for a new movie or something? 

Well, after receiving critiques for his package and skinny legs, Usher took to the CelebrityEggPlants page on Instagram to defend himself and he said:
No, I ain’t no thick thigh big booty havin ass nigga but thanx for lookin!! [two-fingers up sign] and a [eggplant emoji] to you too. Thank u shawty for postin me on ya page…i fux wit ya. I see you got me up here a few time. You like dat, huh?!
His wife, Grace Miguel, better come get her boo! Lol.

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