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President Obama Drinks Flint Water: “This Was A Man-Made Disaster. This Was Avoidable."

President Obama drank filtered Flint water during a visit to the Michigan city today as he received a first-hand look at the crisis he has said deeply affected him as a parent.

“Generally I have not been doing stunts here," the president said as he took a small sip of water sitting in front of him. 

“This used a filter. You know, the water around this table, you know, was Flint water that was filtered and it just confirms what we know scientifically, which is that if you're using a filter, if you're installing it, then Flint water at this point is drinkable."
“As a short-term measure, this is the right thing to do, and frankly it's going to be a lot more convenient than people traveling long distances to try to lug back a bunch of bottled water,” he added.
The president’s water sip came as he met with federal officials at the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan to receive a briefing on the federal response to the Flint water crisis. The president drank filtered Flint water publicly for a second time when he delivered a speech at Northwestern High School.
“This was a man-made disaster. This was avoidable. This was preventable,” he said of the Flint water crisis.

[Source: ABC News]
I'm going to miss Obama! Can he just be our President forever? Lol. 

Check him and the First Lady out below as they jam to Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk."

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