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Say It Ain't So!? Are Toni Braxton & Birdman Hooking Up?


So, rumor has it that singer Toni Braxton and Mr. Respek, rap mogul Birdman, are secretly dating!!

According to TMZ, the two were caught hanging out and this supposedly wasn't their first time. Birdman recently showed up for Toni's Grammy Park performance in Brooklyn. 

TMZ was told: backstage was sealed off so very few people could see them together, but this picture below got leaked showing them hanging out:
Birdman reportedly left with his entourage to go clubbing. 
"It's unclear if he and Toni had a "run-in" later, but we're told they've been close for years ... and have hooked up in the past," TMZ reports.
These two are apparently trying to keep whatever it is they have going on hidden. 

If I were Toni, I wouldn't want to advertise the relationship as much either, lol. 


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