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Check Out This Epic Instagram Clapback Served By Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart's fiance, Eniko Parrish, only posted that she missed her boo and it didn't take long for a social media troll to leave their unwanted opinion in the comment section:

The woman stated: “You only have her because of your money…Do not get it twisted..women play games” 

The 36-year-old actor decided to respond and was all ready to serve up a funny clapback, telling this woman she seems bitter, AND he said she has ugly old lady hands that look like tree bark. 

Well, damn!

Kevin also used that time to promote his upcoming movie Central Intelligence which also stars The Rock. 

It didn't take long for a bunch of Kevin Hart fans to go on the woman's Instagram page and bomb her comments. She later had to make her Instagram page private.

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  1. Mind your own business! If she IS with him for his money, how is that helping or hurting her? Is Kevin Hart paying her bills or giving her money? No? Oh, well then take your tree barks with you while you have several seats!


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