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Read This Crazy Story! Guy Gets Jumped, Sliced On The Neck After Trying To Help Out A Group Of Female Strangers

[Photos: Twitter]
Do We Help Out Strangers And Play The Role Of A Hero Or Mind Our Business And Keep It Moving?

I came across this crazy Instagram post the other day about a man named Marvin, running into a group of females (whom he didn't know). The females asked for his help because there were a group of aggressive guys who were trying to take them home after buying them drinks and they didn't want to hang out with the guys anymore. 

Instead of calling security, Marvin thought he could handle the situation himself, but he ended up getting jumped, cut pretty badly and winded up in the hospital. 

Read the full story below and his message at the end:
Last week Thursday I went out to #Cantare @montecasino to celebrate one of my boys birthdays. Lots of fun was had. Good times. All good things obviously need to come to an end and I was leaving to go home. 

On my way out to the parking lot I ran into a group of girls in the elevator, we got to talking and they told me they are not comfortable going home with the guys they had been drinking with and asked if I could help and come with them get their stuff out of these guys car. I know I should've directed them to security but I agreed to help out. 

They approached the guys to get their stuff and the guys started becoming aggressive with them, they didn't want them to go anywhere because they had been buying them drinks all night. I stepped in and tried to calm the situation down by telling the two guys to chill, the girls didn't want to leave with them. They then jumped me, I tried to run when they got weapons out the car but they caught me and attacked me pretty badly. 

The guards eventually stepped in and picked me up off of one of the guys I was wrestling with on the ground and put me in the elevator, he said I was cut badly. They took me to the Monte ER area and bandaged me up then called an ambulance to take me to hospital. 

I opened up a case of attempted murder and the two guys were arrested on Tuesday morning back at Monte Casino again. They confessed to everything. Now we wait for the case to go to court. 

I'm telling this story as a warning to be vigilant about who you drink with and to guys, you can't expect women to sleep/leave with you just because you bought them drinks. 

We need to start respecting the word NO. Stop being a**holes. We bringing our whole gender down. 

#IThankGodImAlive #JusticeWillBeServed #SayNoToRape

Wow ... I'm happy he's okay!

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