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Drake Reignites Meek Mill Beef In Philly: "You did that sh*t to your motherf**kin' self, boy"

Aubrey Graham a.k.a Drake put on his gangsta boots last night during his Philly show. 

He decided to reignite the Meek Mill beef (which was like so last year) when he performed his infamous Meek diss song from last summer, "Back To Back." 

Mind you, Philly is Meek's hometown. 

"I did another one/ I even did this sh*t in Philly, man, I'll never run," Drake added to diss track.

He also said:

"Just remember when you watch that video over and over tonight, it's not about your city," Drake said. 

"I love your city. You did that sh*t to your motherf**kin' self, boy." 


Well, word has it that a bunch of Meek fans (called Dreamchasers) were waiting for Drake outside of his concert:
Meek also responded in a since-deleted Instagram post, claiming Drake had Philadelphia SWAT with him backstage when Meek's entourage tried to confront him:


Lawd, I'm tired of these two ... can they both just shutup! This beef is already so old in my book. 

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