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Jhene Aiko Addresses Her Divorce From Dot Da Genius And Cheating Rumors

Jhene Aiko is giving zero f*cks to what people think about her, the recent news of her getting a divorce and rumors of her cheating. 

The songstress is currently divorcing her soon-to-be ex husband, producer Dot Da Genius. They were only married for 11 months and it seems like this relationship has been over for awhile already. 

Back in April, I posted how Jhene mentioned she was single in an interview she did with (her rumored new man) rapper Big Sean, with whom she released a joint album with.  

The 28-year-old singer has made it clear there is no love lost between her and Dot and she also has come forward to respond to those infidelity rumors. 

While on Twitter, Jhene responded to a user who said she allegedly cheated with Big Sean:

"Once again, with the internet as ur source... ur point is invalid and inaccurate and ur ignorance grows stronger," she said.  

She also revealed that Dot had not wanted to live with her and that he was still "BFFs" with his ex. She also suggested that Dot brought "drugs, depression, and confrontation" into their relationship. 

Jhene implied that she could raise more damning accusations against him, but she doesn't want to "tarnish" the way his young daughter feels about him. 

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