Friday, September 16, 2016

Thumb Thuggin' Thugs: The Game Disses Meek Mill In "92 Bars," Meek Responds

When thugs thumb thug on social media...

The Game released a diss record at Nicki Minaj's boyfriend (a.k.a Meek Mill) over what stemmed from an alleged robbery of Sean Kingston's $300,000 chain at a nightclub, according to TMZ

The Game claims Meek snitched on him and according to multiple reports, the rapper performed last night and blurted out "f*ck Meek Mill." As if that wasn't enough, The Game then dropped a diss record, "92 Bars." 

Listen below: 

Well, Meek wasn't here for The Game's diss track and decided to respond via social media (the place where everyone takes their beef nowadays):

A photo posted by LA LA|That Sassy Jersey Chick! (@ooolalablog) on

The Game then followed up with a response and included Nicki Minaj ... this led Meek to respond again (and he later deleted the post):

A photo posted by LA LA|That Sassy Jersey Chick! (@ooolalablog) on

The Game continued on with his pettiness and also posted:

LOL! The Game is funny as hell!

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