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POWER Season 3, Ep. 309: 'I Call The Shots' (FULL RECAP)

"I Call The Shots" Season 3, Ep. 309 - Full Recap!

Ghost is sitting across from Tommy, and he's watching his friend text while thinking about the last time he saw Tommy meet up with Milan at his warehouse. 

Can Ghost really trust him? 

Tommy updates Ghost and says everything is running smoothly with Milan's deal ... everything but Ruiz's part.

"I thought you had him on lock?," Tommy asks. 

Ghost assures Tommy that Ruiz is good and never wanted out of the drug game to begin with. But, Tommy says Ruiz doesn't seem like it. In fact, Ruiz hit up Tommy last night and said he wants to talk about something, so Tommy is going to meet up with him later. 

"So, you're talking to Ruiz now but you can't pick up the phone for me," Ghost questions Tommy. "I mean, I hit you last night." 

Tommy stares back while Ghost continues on and says, "What you find a good piece of pussy or something?" 

"No, I was with Milan," Tommy confesses.

He goes on to tell Ghost that Milan invited him to his warehouse. Ghost wants to know how the warehouse looks and Tommy describes it as cold with bricks and dark, a typical looking warehouse.  

Tommy recounts his night at the warehouse when Milan introduced him to some of his people. Milan also got questioned by one of his men who is concerned about Tommy being there. 

"Why are you doing this? He isn't one of us." 

"Tommy is one of us now," Milan responds. 

"Isn't that right?" Milan says while looking right at Tommy. 

Ghost listens on and says him and Tommy just have to be on the same page. 

"If we get anything, Tommy, we gotta make sure we talk." 

Tommy agrees and he also asks about Angela.

"... Is she keeping her fucking mouth shut?"

Ghost tells Tommy that he found something on Hugo that he thinks Angela can use. 

"She'll figure it out, man, she's smart," Ghost says. 

Tommy chuckles and says, "She ain't that fucking smart. If she was, she wouldn't have gotten mixed up with you in the first place." 

Ghost cracks a little smile and nods in agreement as Tommy steps out. 

Mike Is Closer To Getting Busted

Meanwhile, Angela is back at the office looking at the call log through Hugo's burner phone. There's a bunch of outgoing and incoming calls made from an unknown number. 

Angela decides to text the unknown number (acting as Hugo): "we need to meet" she randomly sends out not knowing who will respond to the text. 

Mike is then shown as he receives the text on the other end, thinking it's from Hugo. He closes his office door and shuts the blinds as he calls Hugo's cell. Angela hesitates but then decides to answer it. A helicopter is flying over the office building and she listens on but Mike doesn't say anything on the other end. Angela hears the same helicopter over the phone and so does Mike. 

Uh oh! They will both put two and two together. Angela will know that the leak is definitely someone in the office and Mike will know someone in the office has Hugo's phone and is on to him. 

Tommy's Alibi & Greg Gets A Clue

Greg and Juan (agent Medina) show up at Kate's house (Tommy's mom). She greets Greg as "agent asshole" and Juan as "agent dickhead."

"Tommy ain't here," she tells them at the door. 

"That's funny that you know we're looking for your son," Juan says. "When's the last time you saw him? We're not just gonna walk away, Ms. Egen."

Kate lets the agents in her home and says it has been days since she's last seen her son. 

She goes on talking about a bunch of B.S. on how Tommy is not letting her pay him back for the pizza he bought. 

While Greg is sniffing around her home, Kate pulls out a receipt for the pizza and uses it to back up his alibi, saying that was the last time she saw Tommy and that he was with her all day. 

But, Greg isn't convinced just yet and he wants to know how can she prove that Tommy was actually with her all day and didn't step out. 

Kate responds and says they bought the pizza with Tommy's credit card. 

"Sorry for the trouble," Juan says as he hands Kate back her receipt and gives Greg a look. 

Juan and Kate heads towards the door and Greg takes one final look around and smiles when he finds Angela's business card in the trash. 

LaKeisha Who?

Tasha is setting up for career day at her kid's school when she gets a phone call from a woman at the salon asking about LaKeisha. She tells Tasha that LaKeisha didn't show up for work and she's not picking up her phone. 

Remember, the last time we saw LaKeisha was when Tasha dropped off her hush money at the salon. Then, Tasha left and seconds later, Tommy walked in the salon and who knows what he did. 

Tasha tries tracking down LaKeisha herself and sends her a text asking her to call her later. 

Dre Warns Tariq About His New "Friend"

Dre pops up at Tasha's house and immediately asks Tariq, "what the hell happened last night? Are you trying to get me in trouble with your pops?"

Tariq says his new "friend" Slim picked him up from school. 

Remember, Kanan introduced himself to Tariq under the alias Slim. 

Dre questions what they did and Tariq tells him Slim just showed him around their old neighborhood where his father grew up. 

"That's it? Nothing else happened?" Dre questions. "Just be careful with Slim."

"Why? Thought you guys were friends?" Tariq asks. 

"We are, but I'm your friend first," Dre says. "Just saying, you don't have to hang out with him all the time, okay." 

Future Dead Man Walking

Tommy meets up with Ruiz and is disappointed when he see's his money from Milan's shipment is short. 

"What the fuck is this supposed to pay?" Tommy asks Ruiz.

"Like I said before, I'm not paying in something I don't believe in," Ruiz says. 

Tommy double checks with Ruiz and wants to make sure that is the amount of money he wants him to bring back to Milan. But, Ruiz is sure and doesn't seem scared of Milan. 

Tommy simply responds, "okay."

It's night time and Ghost is sitting outside in the cold on a bench. He receives a text from Ruiz saying: Did my part. When you doing yours? 


Then, Angela walks over and joins him on the bench. 

"Hey, how are you?," he greets her. 

But, Angela ain't here for all the small talk and she gets straight to it.

"After I told you Lobos was alive, who did you tell?," she asks. 

Ghost says he didn't tell anyone. But, Angela was told by her coworker Saxe that whoever knew initiated a search on Lobos' location in the system.

"Who the fuck did you tell Jaime because when they find him he's gonna give you up and then we're both fucked," she says. 

Ghost reveals that his source can't give him up, legally. 

"Proctor?," she says. "Are you out of your fucking mind? You have Proctor looking into this?"

Ghost tries to assure Angela that they're good and tells her that Proctor can just say he looked into Lobos' location to make sure his client, Tommy, was safe. 

But, Angela says everyone thought Lobos was dead so his location should have been irrelevant and the only people who knew Lobos was alive was him and the people in her office.

"Look, they can't prove that you told me anything," he says. "Angela, it's under control, alright."

Greg tells Angela that the feds went by Kate's house and pushed hard but got nothing because she held up. 

"Greg was there. Do you know what he's thinking? Can you trust him?," he asks.

"My relationship with Greg is none of your business," Angela responds. 

Before Angela walks away, she tells Ghost that she will continue looking into the burner cellphone so hopefully she can find some type of lead which will end everything so she doesn't have to see him ever again. 

Angela leaves and texts Greg: Can I come over?

Use Her Once, Shame On Her ... Use Her Twice, Then She's Dumb

In the next scene, Greg is pouring him and Angela a glass of wine and he brings up the new lead: someone was looking for Lobos in the system.

"That's good news, right?" he asks Angela who is sitting on the couch looking worried and all stressed out. 

"Could be, maybe they'll find the leak that way," she casually responds. 

Angela asks Greg if he thinks Tommy is still one of Lobos' killers and he says he doesn't know. Greg goes on to say that he spoke with Tommy's mom and he even says he should have told her. 

"She can be lying and I just can't prove it," he says. 

"Listen, umm, I didn't want to believe the St. Patrick alibi, but I can't ignore a surveillance tape," Greg says while holding Angela's hand on the couch. "Facts are facts, so our pursuit of St. Patrick and Egen is a killer, it's over, so... I'll have to find the leak another way."

"But you and I are going to keep working together to clear our names, I promise," Greg reassures Angela. "We're on the same team now."

Angela leans in and kisses Greg.

Later on, Greg sneaks out of his bedroom and goes through Angela's purse. He finds the burner cell and takes a screenshot of the phone's serial number right before Angela wakes up and walks into the living room. 

She see's him drinking a glass of water and says, "I woke up and you were gone, I thought ... I guess I'm used to people disappearing in the middle of the night."

Greg walks over and puts his arms around Angela and says, "I'm right here." 

Yo, she's getting played all over again. All it takes is some D and Angela can't even see what is going on right infront of her. 

The next day, Greg calls in the serial number for the burner phone and has it looked up. Meanwhile, Angela is at the office and she continues to do some research. 

A Blast From The Past

Ghost is back at his office at Truth club and in walks Kantos. 

Remember Ghost fired him? 

Surprise, surprise. 

Kantos sits down and hands Ghost a flier while telling him he's invited to a party hosted by his competition across the way (the other club owners) who will be celebrating their new partnership with Karen Bassett (the lady that Ghost was going to do business with). 

Kantos also drops another bomb and reveals he's working with them since there was a need for expansion and he so happened to be free. 

"I do need one little thing from you ... Stern's guest list, the one I gave to you ... I want it back," Kantos demands. 

Ghost looks on and says, "why would I do that?"

"Because, I could have said so much about you, but I didn't," Kantos says. "Yeah, so I just need that list."

"I understand," Ghost agrees to get the list together for Kantos.

Ghost calls up Julio and asks how the drug distribution is going. Julio is in a club and says the youngin's are eating it right up. 

Tommy Wants In With Milan

Tommy and Milan are walking side by side in the warehouse and Tommy tells Milan that Ghost asked where he was the other night so he said he told him. 

"I think he just wants to be involved with everything," Tommy says. 

Milan reveals to Tommy that Ghost already knew where Tommy was because he followed him to the warehouse. Tommy is shocked to hear this. 

Damn, Milan is always one step ahead of Ghost!

"It's disappointing isn't it?" Milan says as he tells Tommy his potential is getting jeopardized.

"Ghost following me don't mean he wants to get out, it's him trying to figure out what I'm doing," Tommy says. 

He promises Milan that Ghost is still down with his vision. 

"Maybe you're right, but from this point forward I'm holding you responsible for his actions," Milan says. "And, if you cannot get him in line and he continues looking into me ... then, well, it's back into the pit for you and this time I will not stop the men." 

Tommy thought he was Milan's apprentice. Milan says Tommy is but he's too attached to Ghost. Milan let's Tommy knows he needs to take care of his friend if he wants to stay alive. 

"I'll handle Ghost," Tommy says. 

He heads to the Truth club, right to Ghost's office and says to him, "I don't know why I'm fucking surprised."

"What's the problem, Tommy?" Ghost asks. 

"Milan knows that you followed me to his warehouse the other night," he tells Ghost. "Milan said he's going to kill me if you don't stop. He made it clear, one more time and I'm dead."

Tommy gets right up in Ghost's face and yells, "are you fucking hearing me!? You wanna risk my life to get yourself out? I chose you, over Holly. This time, motherfucker, you NEED to choose me."

"I do," Ghost agrees. "I choose you, I'll leave it alone."

"I hope so," Tommy says.

Ghost goes on to talk about Ruiz and says Ruiz will never reach his full potential unless they set up a meeting between him with Milan to make Ruiz feel comfortable. 

"Okay," Tommy says before walking out. 

Ghost immediately gets on his phone to text Ruiz: Meeting all set. You can make the call now. 

Welp. So much for backing down. 

Meanwhile, Ruiz chats with Greg in the bathroom at the court building. He reached out to him because he has something big to tell him... about Milan. 

Ruiz is getting set up with a small, undetectable wire to record his big meeting with Milan that's coming up. He better hope Milan's men don't find that little recorder or he's a dead man. 

Greg says, he want's St. Patrick and wants Ruiz to get him on the recording and wants St. Patrick to be the topic of conversation. 

"I'll see what I can do," Ruiz says. 

Tariq's New Friend

Dre meets up with Kanan at the bar of some restaurant. He gives him an update about Ghost still rolling with Milan. Kanan doesn't want anything to do with what Milan has going on but says, as soon as he's out the picture, he's coming to collect. 

As Dre is about to bounce, Kanan says, "Tariq said whatup."

"You thought he wasn't going to tell me what you said to him the other day?" Kanan says. "If I was gon' cap the lil' nigga, don't you think I would've already done it?"

"You said you was going to teach Ghost a history lesson, what the fuck you mean by that?" Dre asks. 

Kanan responds, "sit tight, motherfucker. You'll know when I want you to know."

He looks Dre up and down and says, "You thinking you should just tell Ghost, right? What you think he gonna do when he learn I'm alive, in town, hanging out with his kid, and you knew the whole time ... you ain't got no options, Dre. You made a choice, me." 

"Go head, man, get the fuck outta here," Kanan says waving Dre off. 

Later on, Tommy is walking out the club and runs into Dre on the sidewalk. 

"Fuck you want?" Tommy asks. 

Dre tells Tommy that Tariq has been talking a lot about him lately and he figures he should visit Tariq soon to check up on him. 

"Thanks very much, Dr. fucking Phil," Tommy responds. "Just so you know, Tariq is family business and you ain't family."

"Even though I'm the reason why you're still walking around," Dre yells out. 

This stops Tommy in his tracks.

"Oh, you didn't know that," Dre says. "Ghost didn't tell you, did he?"

Dre reveals that he's the one who knew the Korean's wanted to kill him and he told Ghost who stopped them.

"So, listen, Tommy, I'm not here to fuck up whatever you got going on or step on your toes at all, bruh, I simply want to be down with you and Ghost, that's it," Dre says. 

Tommy walks off like he doesn't care much. 

Does Ghost Recognize His Wrongdoing?

Ghost gives a speech for career day and when his daughter asks if it's hard running a club, Ghost answers,  "It's hardest on those you love ... when I decided to follow my dreams, it took me away from my family, and it's my fault..." 

Tariq and Raina listen on and so does Tasha who is standing in the back of the classroom. 

In the middle of his dad's speech, Tariq texts Slim (Kanan): Meet up later?

" just do your best and show them how important they are," Ghost says while Tasha seems to feel somewhat appreciated as she listens on. 

After career day, Tasha tells Ghost that he was great. But, before he can talk with her, his phone rings. It's Ruiz who is calling to tell him about Greg wanting to pin him down with the recording as proof.  

"I cannot be mentioned, not once... neither Tommy or I can be incriminated in any way or the deal is off," Ghost says. 

Meanwhile, Greg receives the number to the burner phone and the call log as he's walking down the street with Juan. Greg says if they solve the Lobos murder, then Juan solves the murder and he won't take any credit. So now, Juan is interested in what Greg has to say now. 

Greg asks for the cellphone number that was found on Lobos when he was killed and he also finds out where the burner phone was purchased. 

Kanan Influences Tariq

Tariq hangs out with Kanan at the sneaker store. Despite what Dre said, Tariq thinks his new "friend" is cool.

"Well, you got it right there. Don't let no nigga talk you into how you feel," Kanan says. 

He also manipulates Tariq into stealing a pair of sneakers by telling him that's how you earn respect. 

Kanan is creepy! Like, get a life!

Ghost Wins Back His Club Territory

Ghost heads to the club across the street where he see's the two club owners working out their new deal with Karen. 

Ghost tells them he's looking for Kantos to give him Stern's guest list. Well, seconds later, cops bust into the club with a search warrant looking for drugs that have been sold on the premises (the drugs that Julio was selling earlier). 

The cops find drugs and arrest the club owners. 

"What a shame," Ghost says to Karen. "But, there's always a silver lining." 

Ghost invites Karen and her father as personal guests to his club for his upcoming black tie event.

"Our schedules seem to be open," Karen responds and agrees to come. 

Kantos walks in and asks Ghost what he's doing there because he was waiting at Truth for him like he was told.

"Yeah, well good thing you didn't wait here, right? That could've been your ass carried away in those handcuffs with your record," Ghost says to Kantos while handing him the guest list, as promised. 

"Kantos, you and I are not going to have any problems going forward, are we?"

"No, we won't," Kantos responds. 

Kantos don't want those problems!

Ruiz & Milan Come Face-To-Face

Ruiz later meets up with Milan at his warehouse. 

"You were at the club, why didn't you just step forward and say you were the connect?" Ruiz asks while shaking Milan's hand. 

"I only make myself known to a select few," Milan responds. 

Milan's men go to frisk Ruiz and his boy but Tommy steps in and says he has known Ruiz for awhile and he trusts him. 

So, Milan tells Tommy to frisk him. Ruiz is smart though ... he plants an obvious piece of drugs in his coat and says it's a present for Milan for taking the meeting on such short notice. Tommy decides to wait outside and Ruiz tells his guy to wait outside as well as him and Milan break bread together. 

Tasha & Ghost Reconcile

Tasha reaches out to LaKeisha again and leaves her a voicemail. She sits down at the table, sipping a glass of wine and Ghost walks in. Him and Tasha make small talk as he reveals that he beat the other club owners and his club is going well. 

"Well, I'm happy for you," Tasha says. 

"... More importantly, our children will have legit money behind their names for the rest of their lives," Ghost says as he pulls up a seat to the table. 

"You said you would make it on the club side and you pulled it off. I was wrong," Tasha says. 

Ghost tells Tasha she did a great job at the career day and Tasha asks Ghost if he meant what he said about her and the kids during his speech. 

"Every single word," Ghost answers looking straight at her. 

"I'm glad you found a way to give Milan his money," Tasha says. "Thank you for protecting us from him."

Ghost moves in closer to Tasha and says to her, "No matter what, I'll always protect you and the kids, you are my family." 

"Guess you got it all figured out, don't you," Tasha says and she seems happy, finally.

Ghost smiles and says, "you can say that." 

Tasha snaps out of it and cuts their convo short while she quickly gets up from the table and uses the fact that it's getting late as an excuse. But, Ghost grabs her and kisses her!

Ahh, snap!

In the next scene, Ghost is on top of Tasha and in between her legs in the bed. 

Tasha finally got some action this season, yasss! She sure as hell needed it! 

Afterwards, Tasha and Ghost are laying in the bed together when he receives a text from Julio: Placed stuff where you wanted. It all go as planned?

Ghost quickly looks at his phone and places it down. 

"Who'd you want that to be?" Tasha asks. "I've known you a long time, Ghost. Can't nothing be wrong on your big night, right?"

Ghost tells Tasha that Ruiz is going to help him take down Milan. 

"I got a plan in motion to get us up from under Milan once and for all," he says. 

Tasha questions Ghost about trusting Ruiz but he says the plan is already in motion as they speak, he's just waiting on the call. 

"But, while I'm waiting, we probably have time for round 2," he tells her.

Tasha says she doesn't know and now she's worried. 

"I need to think before we ... I think, maybe you should go back to the office. What are the kids gonna get when they see you sleeping here in my bed. It's not us getting back together... Is it?"

"You're probably right, I'll go," Ghost says.

"Goodnight, T."

"Goodnight, Ghost."

Now, Tasha is left in the bed all alone.

Ruiz Is Going Down

Back at the warehouse, Tommy receives a phone call from Tasha who starts talking about Ghost's plan to take out Milan and using Ruiz to do it. 

"Milan said that if Ghost doesn't fall in line he's gonna kill me and the kids," Tasha says. "You need to find out what's going on with Ghost and you need to stop him." 

"Listen, I got you, T," Tommy says, "I'ma take care of it, thanks for calling. It's all gonna be fine now."

Tommy waits around and see's Ruiz and Milan are cool now. He told Ruiz's guy to head home and plans on giving Ruiz a ride home. Ruiz walks off with a smile.

"Hey, Ruiz, you know what it's like to be betrayed?" Tommy asks Ruiz in his car while driving him home.

"Yes, I do," Ruiz answers.

Tommy continues, "Somebody you trust constantly looking in the eye but lying to your face, there's no going back. "... he just uses you until he don't need you nomore, that's what doing Lobos was about." 

Ruiz looks right at Tommy and cuts him off, "Tommy, its been a long night. Leave it alone, hunh?"

But, Tommy continues to talk about him and Ghost killing Lobos and how he did it all for Ghost. 

Tommy's car starts magically acting up and he pulls over to check it out, saying it's overheating.

Tommy puts his black gloves on and gets out of the car, pops the hood and tells Ruiz to pass him his flashlight in the glove box. Ruiz is reluctant at first and it's clear he doesn't feel comfortable in the car, but then he opens the glove box and see's Tommy's gun is in there. With a sigh of relief, Ruiz reaches for the flashlight and gets out of the car to hand it to Tommy. 

"I used to work on my dad's car, if it's overheating you're gonna have to..."

Before Ruiz can finish his sentence, Tommy stabs him in the stomach. 

"Tommy, what are you doing?" Ruiz blurts out. "You're gonna regret this."

"No, I won't, cuz it ain't me doing this to you, it's Ghost," Tommy responds. 

Ruiz tries to fight back, but Tommy headbutts him and continuously stabs him in the abdomen.

Dre pulls up to the scene and Tommy says, "no problems?"

"I've been stealing cars since I was 11, man," Dre responds. 

"C'mon, help me drag him to the car," Tommy says.

They put Ruiz's dead body in the stolen car and leave him in there. 

"Ghost don't know about this, right?" Dre asks.

"Nah, he won't know you're involved, unless you say shit," Tommy says.

Mike Looks To Save His Ass

Meanwhile, Saxe walks into Mike's office with autopsy notes of Hugo. Saxe starts questioning why Hugo was still around after Lobos was killed and says he must have been communicating with someone on the inside "the leak." 

Mike tells Saxe he can go home because he'll continue looking into the Hugo case.

Mike goes to Hugo's apartment and searches around. He wants to make sure nothing is left that can trace him as the leak. He finds a picture of him and his daughter on Hugo's dresser. 

Greg is near as he pulls up to a deli near Hugo's house. This is where Hugo's burner phone was purchased. As Greg is sitting in his car, he notices Mike in a baseball cap walking out an apartment nearby. 

Greg looks up information and see's Hugo's address ... the apartment where Mike came out of. 

"Holy shit," Greg whispers to himself. "Mike, what the fuck?"

Tommy Is In Charge 

Ghost heads back to the club and see's Tommy sitting alone at his bar. 

"Tommy? What are you doing here, man?"

"Have a seat, Ghost," Tommy calmly says. 

"I know you had a plan with Ruiz," Tommy reveals. "Ruiz told me about it, right before I stabbed him."

Ghost looks shocked. 

"Ruiz is ... he's dead?" Ghost asks. "Tommy, where's the body?"

"You fucking lied to me, Ghost ... to me," Tommy says. 

Ghost confesses to lying and tells Tommy he wanted to take Milan down with him but he thought Tommy wouldn't see it. Ghost says he wants out and says he'll never stop until he gets out. 

"So, unless you put me down, right here, right now, it is what it is, man," Ghost says. 

"You said getting Milan out the way benefits both of us ... help me see that," Tommy says. 

Ghost says as long as Milan is in control then he can't live his life the way he wants to and Tommy can't run his drug business the way he wants. But, Tommy is brainwashed and says he's getting so close with Milan now. 

Ghost asks for some time to come up with a plan to take Milan down.

"No," Tommy simply says and he starts walking away. 

"Ghost, if we're gonna do this, kill Milan ... I call the shots, I come up with a plan," Tommy says. "Call you in the morning."

Ghost is relieved that he has Tommy on board now. 

But, after leaving Ghost's club, Tommy unexpectedly pops back up at Milan's warehouse. 

"A few days ago, you asked me if I was one of you," Tommy says to Milan. "Well, I am, and we need to kill Ghost." 

No, Tommy, noooo! 


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