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NJ Dad Jumps From Bridge With His 2 Children

Police say it's a miracle how two young boys survived a 100-foot fall off a bridge after their father took them over the side in an attempted murder-suicide in New Jersey Monday night, according to news reports. 

The father, identified as John Spincken, 37, of Pequannock, plunged off the Wanaque Bridge on I-287. His 1-and 3-year-old sons somehow lived.

The boys were found in an area with thick brush and trees near the Wanaque River. Police believe the forest-like terrain helped cushion the impact of their fall.

Both suffered concussions and one has a bruised lung, but they're expected to be fine. 

A high fence is supposed to prevent people from being able to jump over the side of the bridge, but police said Spincken found a way around it.

The father was pronounced dead at the scene. 

[Source: ABC]