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Blac Chyna Drags The Sh*t Out Of Wendy Williams In This Instagram Post

Wendy, you in danger, girl! (in my Whoopi Goldberg voice from Ghost, lol!)

Blac Chyna SLAMMED the crap out of Wendy Williams after the talk show host went on a little rant about Chyna's boo, Rob Kardashian.

Watch the clip below (start around the 3 min mark):

Well, Chyna caught wind of Wendy's remarks and responded in a longggg Instagram rant of her own:

"Wendy.. Wendy.. lost your motherf**king mind hoe? How dare you speak on me, my fiancĂ©, and my mom like you were at the Christmas table with us?!" Chyna wrote

"I find it so funny how you love to talk about Rob and his insecurities like at a point in time you wasn't a fat 400 pound ass bitch on the radio!"

Read Chyna's entire post below:

Well, dayummm!

If that wasn't enough, Chyna's mom also jumped in with her own longggg Instagram rant and said she's suing Wendy!

[Click photo to enlarge]

If there's anything to take away from this, it's ... don't eff with Blac Chyna, her man or her family!

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