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Bow Wow Says Lauryn Hill Is "The King" Of Showing Up Late To Concerts, His Advice To Fans: "Stop Supporting Artists Who Don't F*ck With You"

Shad Moss a.k.a Bow Wow - who recently teamed up with Soulja Boy on a joint mixtape - had some advice for fans out there supporting their favorite celebrity. 

The 29-year-old former 106 & Park host posted to his Instagram page:

"Fans have the power to change an artist life by supporting their talent which causes money flow to the artist which also changes the artist life financially. The riches come from the people. This should make an artist always be appreciative of the fans. Take a pic sign something it never hurts," Bow Wow wrote. 

While he doesn't call out any particular celebs by name, it seems as if Bow Wow could be talking about Justin Bieber. The singer recently walked off stage mid-concert because his fans wouldn't stop screaming. Biebs also said he would no longer take pictures with his fans after complaining for months of how his fans leave him feeling drained and exhaustedOuch!

Well, Bow Wow also mentioned that fans should stop paying for pricey concert tickets, especially for artists who show up late for their shows. Hmm, is he talking about Lauryn Hill who has been late or skipped out on a number of her concerts??

"Whats funny how if I did half the bs your fav artist does id be hung, Wake up! When you gone see your being f***ed over." he said. 

"Yall support artist who A. Over charge yall for everything. B. Walks out on yall shows. Shows up 6 hours late. Artist feel they can do this to y'all because of the power YOU GAVE THEM. Take that s**t back! Stop supporting the artist who don't f**k w you." 

Bow Wow said this is why he only f*cks with Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa. 

When a fan mentioned Lauryn Hill's tardiness, Bow Wow responded in his comment section and said:

"She [Lauryn Hill] is the king of the shit. I love me some ms hill. But shit standing on heels for four hours when yo ass should of BEEN here got to suck [insert laughing emoji]."


Peep Bow Wow's full post and the Lauryn Hill comments below:

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Thoughts? Does Bow Wow have a point?

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