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T.I. Calls Out Lil' Wayne For His Black Lives Matter Comments: "Stop Embarrassing Yourself" + Wayne Responds!

Last week, Lil' Wayne caused an uproar when he discussed his disconnect with the Black Lives Matter movement. Check out the post here if you missed Wayne's interview and comments

Well, Wayne's friend and fellow rapper, T.I., is not here for Wayne's fuckery.

In a very lengthily Instagram message, T.I. blasted him and said Wayne is "tripping" and that he needs to educate himself. 

"I don't know what you goin thru,or what you are attempting to avoid but this shit is absolutely unacceptable!!!! You're disrespecting yourself,bringing shame on your family name & tarnishing your legacy," T.I. posted. 

"You have children (including mines prior to now) that have looked up to you. You have sons & a daughter that depend upon your leadership."

T.I. continued, "Bro if you don't stand for something out here,all the money,jewelry,cars,mansions bandannas & hit records don't mean shit!!!! Our people are being oppressed!!! We are being hunted,captured & slaughtered out here daily!!! You have to get outta that bubble that you've been living in & get out here & educate yourself on what's going on around US!!!"

Read T.I.'s full post below and Wayne's response:

A photo posted by LA LA |That Sassy Jersey Chick (@ooolalablog) on

Wayne's response to T.I? ... Or, maybe this is his response to everyone criticizing him? 

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