Thursday, November 3, 2016

Woman Convinces Her 20 Boyfriends To Buy Her 20 iPhone 7s Which She Later Sold To Buy A House

The hustle is REAL! 

I just read this trending story of how a woman convinced her 20 boyfriends to buy her 20 new iPhone 7s ... but, wait, there's more!... 

... This (smart?) woman sold and used the profits from the phones as a down payment on a house. 

According to the BBC, a Chinese blogger using the pseudonym Proud Qiaoba shared a story about her friend Xiaoli (also a pseudonym), who sold the 20 iPhone 7s for a total 120,000 Chinese yuan (about $18,000) to a tech resale company, then used this money to pay for a new home.
While the BBC was unable to confirm whether this was entirely true, they did, however confirm that the resale company bought 20 new iPhones 7s from a woman in early October.
I know there's more men than women in China, but damn, 20 boyfriends!?!

[Source/Photo: BBC]
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