Thursday, July 20, 2017

SMH: Vehicles damaged at Linden AMC theater parking lot thanks to 2 idiots jumping on cars

A duo used innocent bystanders' cars as props to film their stupidity outside Linden, N.J., AMC movie theater on Tuesday night (June 18).

Leaping and tumbling from car to car, they left a trail of damage, including dented hoods and at least one broken windshield. Police say several cars were damaged. 

These savages later posted the video to Instagram. 

Linden police are now investigating the incident and are asking victims of the damage cars and anyone with information to contact Detective Joseph Kaulfers. 
I would be super PISSED walking out and seeing my car damaged from these dumb asses! SMH! 

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Tameka Foster handles Instagram trolls, says her health is great after ex-husband, Usher, is blasted for allegedly having herpes

Tameka Foster does not want to be associated with any of the recent herpes news that involves her ex-husband, Usher

Yesterday (July 19), news spread that "Confessions" singer Usher settled a lawsuit $1.1 million lawsuit with a woman he allegedly gave herpes to.

The woman he allegedly infected was one of Tameka's bridesmaids from when she married Usher in 2007. Tameka and Usher divorced in 2009 around the same time he was reportedly diagnosed with herpes.

Well, Tameka had to gather some internet trolls on her Instagram page as people started flooding her comment section and wondering if she was infected with herpes as well.

Although Tameka did not write Usher's name, she clearly addressed the situation and put any rumors to bed, saying she is good and her health is great.

Usher has yet to comment on the news.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Angry New Jersey woman charged with smashing her ex-husband's car windows with their kids inside the vehicle (video)

A mad woman from Paterson, N.J., recently went ballistic and smashed out her ex-husband's car windows with a hammer while he recorded it! It gets even worse ... their kids were also in the car!

The incident happened on East 24th Street, near 21st Avenue, and the video instantly went viral online yesterday (July 18). 

Some reports say the woman was upset over a custody dispute. Well, according to one of my sources, the woman was pissed that her ex-husband allegedly got another woman pregnant. 

Police charged the woman, whose name they would not release, with endangering the welfare of a child, domestic violence and criminal mischief, according to

I have so many questions ... like, why didn't the man just drive off instead of sitting there and recording, knowing glass was getting on his children in the backseat?? 

She just effed up her custody now!

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Usher reportedly cut a $1.1 million check to settle a lawsuit from a woman he allegedly infected with herpes

I just can't believe this! Supposedly, Usher is letting it burn, literally...

Usher reportedly cut a $1.1 million check in order to settle a lawsuit from a woman he infected with herpes. The woman in question is Maya Fox-Davis who is the same bridesmaid Tameka Foster (his ex wife) accused Usher of sleeping with in court.


According to Radar Online, legal documents detail how Usher had "rigorous unprotected sex" without disclosing he had the virus. The papers also show that he was "exposed to herpes" in 2009 or 2010. Usher finalized his divorce from Tameka in 2009. He is currently married to Grace Miguel.

You can read the court documents here.

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La La Anthony explains why she chose to show her tig ol' bitties on 'Power' (video)

La La Anthony visited The Breakfast Club this morning (July 19) where she talked about her nudity scenes on Power and why she does them.

RELATED: #POWER Season 4, Ep. 4 Recap: 'We're In This Together' 

Check out the full interview below where La La also talks about her future film endeavors and more.


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Cardi B performs 'Bodak Yellow' on 'The Wendy Williams Show' + she explains why she left 'Love & Hip Hop New York'

Cardi B made her way to "The Wendy Williams Show!"

Not only did Cardi slay her performance of her hit single "Bodak Yellow" (that's my jam!) but the reality star also explained why she decided to pull the plug on Love & Hip Hop New York after only two seasons. 

Check out the clips below!


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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

First Look: My review of K. Michelle's new 'Puff & Petals' restaurant in Atlanta
"No Love & Hip Hop" is displayed on the door at K. Michelle's Puff & Petals restaurant.

The perfect place for a girl's night! Delicious food and cocktails in a fun, cozy environment. 

I had the pleasure of visiting K. Michelle's new restaurant, Puff & Petals, over the weekend during my visit to Atlanta, Georgia.

Located on the corner of Edgewood Avenue and Williams Holmes Borders Senior Drive in downtown Atlanta, Puff & Petals is not hard to miss with the cute pink and white exterior that surrounds the outside of the restaurant.

My Uber driver dropped me off and thought I was attending a hair salon, just from glancing at the outside. Puff & Petals is a tapas bar which opened back in May. Before even getting the chance to glimpse inside, one may be greeted by a security guard who stands right outside of the door. 

The first time I went to the restaurant was on a Friday night and a mini line was formed outside. There's a couple of benches outside of the restaurant which were full as people waited their turn to experience K's new place. Groups of ladies stood in line in high heels and pretty dresses. This one girl stood out to me, she was rocking a green glitter dress. I actually started feeling like I was underdressed in my jeans (I just came from the Georgia aquarium so I was not wearing my best clothes or heels). Perhaps I needed to wear my club clothes because these chicks were showing out to dine here!

Chatter and excitement filled the air and phones were out as friends took their selfies and videos outside of the restaurant. This place is definitely the perfect spot for a fun girls night or date night with your boo.

So, I walked up to the door and the security guy told me there was a two hour wait.


Puff & Petals is a small, cozy spot which doesn't sit a crazy amount of people. At first, I was disappointed that the wait was so long and it also started drizzling outside so I decided to eat elsewhere that night. 

The next day, Saturday afternoon, I took an Uber back to Puff & Petals and there was a different security guard at the door. Again, a couple of ladies were waiting outside on the benches, but I wouldn't have to. This time, my name was on the guest list, courtesy of K. Michelle herself. (Thanks, K!)

After telling the hostess my name, my brother and I were able to get seated right away at our reserved table. I immediately was captivated by the beauty of the restaurant. Puff & Petals boasts a gorgeous pink pastel interior, pink dΓ©cor, and even pink salt! 

There's little cute signs on the tables, one read: ADVENTURE AWAITS. Towards the back of the restaurant, there's a selfie booth with props to take pictures with. (Even the restrooms are cute! The sink was blinged out and not your ordinary public restroom).

Backdrop display of the beautiful bar at Puff & Petals.
Photo credit: Lanette Espy

Inside Puff & Petals restaurant.
Photo credit: Lanette Espy

I love the pink booths!
Photo credit: Lanette Espy
The menu consist of signature cocktails from which I chose Cigar on the Beach (Johnny Walker Black, fresh citrus, cranberry and pineapple). The drink had a boiling, smoky effect when one of the nice bartenders brought it out to the table. He even gave me a minute to take a quick video and photo before dropping the ice cubes into the drink.

Cigar on the Beach - $14
The outer glass gives off a beachy feel (obviously matching the name of the drink) and is garnished with sand, a little umbrella, and an actual cigar!
And, no, I did not keep the cigar. The bartender said they aren't the best cigars,
plus, I don't smoke anyway so it didn't matter. 

Photo credit: Lanette Espy

If you dine in on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, there are $5 Puff Shots available to order from the menu as well as different specials throughout the week. 
Puff & Petals menu. Prices range from $7 to $18, not too shabby.
Photo credit: Lanette Espy
Not only was the wait staff friendly and attentive at Puff & Petals, but the delivery and presentation is ON POINT, plus everything I had was so tasty! 

The Loaded Petals tapas and Charlotte's Ribs were some of my top contenders when browsing the menu, but I winded up ordering the Merry Mac, a six cheese Cavatappi pasta with chunks of succulent lobster. 

And, it was DELICIOUS! 

Every bite of the baked macaroni and cheese and lobster just melted in my mouth and I didn't want it to end. 

Merry Mac - $14
Photo credit: Lanette Espy
Although I didn't have dessert (I had a family reunion event to attend to later on that evening where I ate even more!), a popular dessert choice is K's Southern Peach Fun Cake which is a giant spoon of funnel cake. I saw this dish brought out to a couple of tables near me. 

In the near future, Puff & Petals will reportedly expand. The top level will eventually open where a hookah lounge will be added. 

The next time I visit Atlanta, I look forward to visiting K. Michelle's restaurant again as I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

And, if you have to wait for a table, the food and experience is definitely worth it! 

The pink decor is so cute and there is even pink salt!
Photo credit: Lanette Espy

Photo credit: Lanette Espy
Don't ask the wait staff when K. Michelle is coming! House Rule #10.
Photo credit: Lanette Espy

My brother and I dining at Puff & Petals. 
Photo credit: Lanette Espy

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Masika & Alexis Sky beef over Fetty Wap in new 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood' supertrailer + Watch the first 5 minutes of the new season!

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta FINALLY wrapped up their latest season this week, leaving Love & Hip Hop Hollywood to premiere next Monday, July 24 at 8/7c on VH1. At odds this season, will be two of Fetty Wap's exes, Alexis Sky and his baby's mother, Masika. Peep all the drama unfold in the latest supertrailer below + check out the first five minutes of the premiere below!


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#POWER Season 4, Ep. 4: 'We're In This Together' (Quick Recap)

So, I visited Atlanta over the weekend for a family reunion and didn't have a chance to write my long, full Power recap on Sunday. I actually just watched the episode today (on Monday).  So, I'll just go over a couple of main pointers from this week's episode and next week I'll be back to writing out the full recaps!

No More Blackmail

After Tommy dropped off the first week's payment to Tony's house, James figured out a way to blackmail Tony right back. He informs Tony about the info he found out on him, someone he killed and Tommy saw Tony's wife at the house so now they know his address. James and Tony then decide to call a truce. 

It was only a matter of time before James figured something out! I knew he wouldn't let that slide for too long. 

Bye Bye, Bailey!

Proctor calls up Bailey about the evidence he has on James and Tommy. Bailey only cares about clearing Greg's record. Later on, he meets up at Proctor's house and plays the tape of Tommy admitting to him and Ghost killing Lobos. He also plays a tape of the night Ruiz was wearing a wire and got killed by Tommy. Bailey doesn't know Tommy is also at Proctor's house listening in the background. Tommy soon loses his cool and runs up on Bailey and stabs him to death. Proctor freaks out because now he has Bailey's blood on his hands as well. He tells Tommy he'll take care of the laptop and will try to find out if there's any more copies of the tape. Tommy also finds out this evidence was the reason James broke into Greg's apartment in the first place... to find the tape and save Tommy. 

Proctor really has no choice but to help Tommy and James out or crazy Tommy will kill his ass. And, I knew Bailey was going to die, I just thought Mike would get to him first.

Tasha vs. Angela

Tasha meets up with Angela and the two come face-to-face, again. Angela tells Tasha that James was offered a deal to save her and the kids but he turned it down. Tasha plays it cool infront of Angela and acts like she already knew about the deal, but inside, she's pissed! Angela tries making a deal with Tasha but Tasha doesn't crack, she stays loyal to James... but for how long? Tasha later visits James and warns him that from now on, he better consult with her on everything before making decisions on his own. 

James better act right before Tasha flips on his ass! He better stop taking this loyal woman for granted. 

Dumbest Kid On TV: Tariq

Dumb ass Tariq is still acting like a little asshole towards his sister and he's still being influenced by Kanan. And, he's still helping Kanan out with house robbery. After Tariq watches his friend put in the code to his house, he then texts the code to Kanan who easily slips in with a friend and the two of them rob the place. Kanan later rewards Tariq by passing off a younger chick to him at a small house gathering and the two of them later go off into a bedroom alone to talk and do their own thang.

Down With The Swirl

LaKeisha and Tommy's sex scenes are getting hotter! The two of them have sex on a chair in her shop and LaKeisha shows ass and titties. 

Well alright now! We need some of this since we won't be seeing James get any for awhile. And, what happened to Tommy liking red heads? Well, once you go black... you know the rest!

Money Is Drying Up

Later on, the feds lock up LaKeisha's shop and they also lock up the Truth club. Both businesses are now closed due to a court order brought on by the prosecution. This will definitely put a strain on everyone's income since Tommy was using the shop and the club to deal his drugs. Tasha is also in trouble financially and has to come up with money soon to pay Tariq and Raina's tuition or her kids will be suspended from their fancy, private school.

Proctor Is Out

Proctor wins the motion to have the gun taken off the case. However, the prosecution gets Proctor taken off the case as they convince the judge that him defending James is a conflict of interest since he has previously defended Tommy. Now, since Proctor is no longer James' lawyer, James only has Terry to back him up. 

Angela Finally Figures Something Out

Towards the end of the episode, a drunk Proctor heads over to Angela's house and starts ranting about possibly getting suspended and how he warned James to stay away from her but he wouldn't listen. Angela tells him Proctor to leave but before he does, he makes it clear that the gun doesn't belong to James. Angela decides to investigate a little more (which should have been done by someone on her team a long time ago!) and she requests to see the camera footage at the Truth Club before it was turned off. As she's watching the tapes from the night she arrested James, she she's him in his office where he's shown at his desk, going into the safe, and talking to his workers. Not once was James shown walking towards the back of his office to the bar where the gun was hidden. The computer system also shows Mike Sandoval's name as the last person to review the footage. 


"Holy shit. He didn't hide the gun!" Angela says to herself. 



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Friday, July 14, 2017

Beyonce shares first photo of her twins, Sir and Rumi Carter!

Ahhh! Beyonce shared the first photo of her twins, Sir and Rumi Carter!

Shortly after 1 a.m., Bey FINALLYYY debuted the long awaited photo of the twins on her Instagram account.

In June, Beyonce and Jay Z reportedly filed trademark documents to secure rights to the names "Rumi Carter" and "Sir Carter."

Not only did the Instagram post serve as confirmation of the babies names, but she also said the twins are one month old today, meaning their birthday is June 14 ... this is exactly around the time when rumors first started spreading around that she gave birth.

Beyhive, rejoice!

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Kevin Durant Was Not Feeling Peyton Manning's Joke at ESPYs

ESPYs host Peyton Manning poked fun at first-time NBA champ and NBA Finals MVP, Kevin Durant. 

Manning made sure no one forgot that KD won his first championship by joining the stacked, winning team, Golden State Warriors, when he said: 
“Our (Olympic women’s) gymnastics team was so dominant that Kevin Durant told me he wants to play for them next year."
The audience laughed, but KD didn't.
“And I gotta tell you, I don’t think you’d start for that team, Kevin," Manning continued. "Russell Westbrook, what do you think?”
The looks of KD and his former OKC teammate, Russell Westbrook, were priceless! Peep the clip below: 

KD later won an ESPY for 'Best Championship Performance.'

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Woman kills husband to collect $100k in insurance money, finds out his ex-wife was still the beneficiary

In WTF news...

The wife of a Cleveland firefighter was convicted Friday of soliciting his death to collect on insurance money.
Uloma Curry-Walker was found guilty of aggravated murder, conspiracy, felonious assault and other charges in the Nov. 3, 2013 slaying of her then-husband of four months, William Walker.
Curry-Walker now faces a maximum of life in prison without the possibility of parole. Common Pleas Judge Sherrie Miday set Curry-Walker's sentencing for Aug. 8.
Prosecutors said Curry-Walker had run tens of thousands of dollars into debt through credit cards and loans, some of which she had taken out in Walker's name. As she sunk nearer and nearer to financial ruin, prosecutors said, she plotted Walker's death to collect on his $100,000 life insurance policy.
Curry-Walker paid about a $1,000 down payment to her daughter's boyfriend, Chad Padgett, who went to his cousin, Chris Hein. After an initial failed attempt at Walker's life in October, Hein reached out to Ryan Dorty to carry out the killing.
All four, including Curry-Walker's daughter, pleaded guilty, testified against her at trial and said the plot began with her.
Curry-Walker and Walker had just bought a house in Madison Township and were packing up their Lampson Road house to move the night he was killed.
Curry-Walker sent her husband out to get food from McDonald's for her about 8:30, prosecutors said. Cellphone records show that she, her daughter and Hein placed several phone calls and text messages in the minutes leading up to the killing. Padgett and Dorty went with another man to the house and Dorty waited near the garage with a pistol that Hein had gotten.
When Walker came back home, Dorty ambushed him and shot him four times as he was unlocking the side door near the driveway. Walker's keys were still in the door, prosecutors said.
Curry-Walker placed a frantic 911 call at 8:35 p.m. to report her husband had been shot in the driveway.
Her daughter, who was 17 years old at the time of the killing, testified that she was riding in a car with Curry-Walker and Padgett when her mother first brought up the plot. 
Curry-Walker told Padgett to have the shooter pull Walker's pocket out of his pants, to make the killing look like a botched robbery, the daughter testified.
The daughter also said her mother told her that "no one would believe I would hire a bunch of kids to kill someone when I know people that could."
What Curry-Walker didn't realize, Thomas said, was that Walker had not finalized switching his life insurance policy into her name from the name of his ex-wife, who actually got the payout in the months after Walker's death.
Curry-Walker ended up having to give away most of their belongings and moved to North Carolina to stay with a relative. 
Friday would have been the couple’s fourth wedding anniversary.


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Blac Chyna Is 'Devastated' By Rob Kardashian's Revenge Porn Posts, Granted Restraining Order Against Him

Blac Chyna appeared on Good Morning America Monday morning with her Twitter fingers lawyer, Lisa Bloom, where they both discussed Rob Kardashian's recent online savagery

Chyna said she felt betrayed by her ex, Rob Kardashian, after he posted her nudies online. 

Well, a "devastated" Chyna was also granted a restraining order against Rob, this is in a response to stop the cyber-bullying, as she calls it. 

Outside of court, attorney Bloom said they were granted everything they sought in their petition.
"As we have said all along, revenge porn is a form of domestic abuse," Bloom said. "It is also a crime in California and 38 other states.
Attorney Robert Shapiro represented Rob, who did not appear in court, according to CNN.
Shapiro said his client stipulated to the restraining order and agreed to follow all the conditions.
The attorney said Kardashian's concern now "is the health and welfare of the baby and both parents are going to work toward that goal."
"I, personally, on Mr. Kardahsian's behalf apologized and offered our regrets as to what happened in the past couple of days," Shapiro said. "Now we move forward to do one thing and one thing only, what ever is in the best interest of the child."

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