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Peeps are not happy with SZA's music video for 'The Weekend'

Is Solange to blame for why SZA's "The Weekend" video is a huge let down?

You ever hear one of your favorite songs and you can already picture in your head how that particular music video is going to be like because the song is telling a story? So, obviously the video is going to reflect the words in the song, right?

Well, not so much in SZA's new video for "The Weekend."

The 28-year-old singer FINALLY dropped the highly-anticipated video to her third single "The Weekend" which is off of her debut album Ctrl. 

The song tells the story of a man who is seeing two women. A classic side chick anthem of a guy having a girl but creeping around with another chick on the side, the weekend chick.

SZA released a snippet of the Solange-directed music video back in November and kept fans patiently waiting for a little over a month to finally see the finished product.

So, the visuals are finally now released and most people are like WTF?! That's it!? Where's the story in the video? ... Like those good old school R&B videos that always told a story in the music video. 

"The Weekend" video was a HUGE let down and it only shows SZA dancing around alone the entire time - she dances in a parking lot, on the balcony of some building, and in an art studio. 

Peeps on Twitter shared their disappointment and said Solange could have done so much more instead of having "The Weekend" looking like another "Cranes In The Sky"- type of video.

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Check out some of the funny reactions to SZA's "The Weekend" video:


How about we just close our eyes, act like that video never happened, and we continue on with our own version of how we visualize the video in our minds. Yeah, that works...


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