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Yahoo Finance Takes An L With This Spelling Mistake: 'Trump wants a much ni**r navy'

I know many newsroom are cutting back nowadays and usually copy editors are the first to get laid off, but you would think a huge company like Yahoo! would be on top of things.

But, I guess everyone makes mistakes. It just sucks when you have more than 700 thousand followers catching that mistake and taking a screenshot so it can last on the internet forever.

Case in point...

Yahoo! Finance made a terrible spelling error on Thursday evening (Jan. 6) when they tweeted out a link to a story which read:

"Trump wants a much ni**r navy: Here's how much it'll cost."

The account tweeted out an apology shortly after:
To be fair, 'B' and 'N' are right next to each other on the keyboard. But, that didn't stop Twitter from roasting the multinational company.