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Bow Wow Is Feeling Kinda Salty On Valentine's Day, Convinces Himself That He's Happy Being Single

Shad Moss a.k.a Lil' Bow Wow got all in his feelings earlier as he went above and beyond to convince his fans as well as himself that he's happy being single on Valentine's Day. 

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Bow Wow - who broke up with his fiancé, Erica Mena, a little over a year ago - said he's single because he has yet to find a woman to handle his crazy lifestyle ways. 

"If being single and happy keeps an evil moody nosey ass woman away from me a day then I'm the happiest man on earth!,"  the un-retired so-called "rapper" wrote. 

Well, alrighty then!

(BTW: really happy single people wouldn't feel the need to explain themselves ... just saying). 

Peep the lil' guy's full post below: 

This is for Lil' Bow Wow and all the other bitter (a.k.a "I'm so happy") single people:

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