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Da Brat Weighs In On 'Shether' Diss: "Remy’s bars has eaten the sh*t out of anything Nicki has ever said"

Da Brat dropped her two cents in on the Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj's rap feud. And, just like Lil' Kim, Da Brat has chosen Remy's side and called this rap feud "real hip hop." 

Da Brat explained, "Personally I don’t know Nicki. Everything she’s done is cool. Proud of her for representing the female emcee. I gotta go with Remy. I got history with Remy. She’s part of my era. I respect Remy. We friends…..As far as the bars, Remy’s bars has eaten the sh-t out of anything Nicki has ever said unfortunately; I’m sorry. Everybody now is just waiting. This is Hip Hop; this is real Hip Hop. Now we waiting on what Nicki is gonna say….. How can you be quiet because Rem took it all the way below the belt and went real deep."

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"How long does Nicki Have to respond?" ...

"30 seconds."



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