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Joe Budden Explains Why He Walked Out Of His Interview With Migos, Calls Them 'Little Diva Ni**as'

Oh, you thought Joe Budden was done?!


The Jersey rapper isn't done speaking his mind about the whole Migos situation. Read about that here if you missed it!

Joe recently spoke out on why he decided to walk out on his interview with Migos and he called the trio "little diva ni**gas." 


DJ Akademiks told Joe that he felt his actions were “unprofessional” and “disrespectful."

Joe, who is always one to speak his mind, responded to Akademiks, “I’m not saying it wasn’t wrong, my behavior. I’m not saying it wasn’t disrespectful. It was. I’m telling you that at some point it stops being about knowing right or wrong, and it starts to become, ‘Is it worth it?’”

“I don’t care about your success,” Joe said. “F**k all of y’all. Y’all can get up. Y’all do not have to sit here. I didn’t want to talk to y’all anyway.”

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LMAO! I've always liked Joe and can appreciate his honesty even if it's like he's coming off like an asshole. 

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