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First Look: My review of K. Michelle's new 'Puff & Petals' restaurant in Atlanta

"No Love & Hip Hop" is displayed on the door at K. Michelle's Puff & Petals restaurant.

The perfect place for a girl's night! Delicious food and cocktails in a fun, cozy environment. 

I had the pleasure of visiting K. Michelle's new restaurant, Puff & Petals, over the weekend during my visit to Atlanta, Georgia.

Located on the corner of Edgewood Avenue and Williams Holmes Borders Senior Drive in downtown Atlanta, Puff & Petals is not hard to miss with the cute pink and white exterior that surrounds the outside of the restaurant.

My Uber driver dropped me off and thought I was attending a hair salon, just from glancing at the outside. Puff & Petals is a tapas bar which opened back in May. Before even getting the chance to glimpse inside, one may be greeted by a security guard who stands right outside of the door. 

The first time I went to the restaurant was on a Friday night and a mini line was formed outside. There's a couple of benches outside of the restaurant which was full as people waited their turn to experience K's new place. 

Groups of ladies stood in line in high heels and pretty dresses. This one girl stood out to me, she was rocking a green glitter dress. I actually started feeling like I was underdressed in my jeans (I just came from the Georgia aquarium so I was not wearing my best clothes or heels). Perhaps I needed to wear my club clothes because these chicks were showing out to dine here!

Chatter and excitement filled the air and phones were out as friends took their selfies and videos outside of the restaurant. This place is definitely the perfect spot for a fun girls night or date night with your boo.

So, I walked up to the door and the security guy told me there was a two-hour wait.


Puff & Petals is a small, cozy spot which doesn't sit a crazy amount of people. At first, I was disappointed that the wait was so long and it also started drizzling outside so I decided to eat elsewhere that night. 

The next day, Saturday afternoon, I took an Uber back to Puff & Petals and there was a different security guard at the door. Again, a couple of ladies were waiting outside on the benches, but I wouldn't have to. This time, my name was on the guest list, courtesy of K. Michelle herself. (Thanks, K!)

After telling the hostess my name, my brother and I were able to get seated right away at our reserved table. I immediately was captivated by the beauty of the restaurant. Puff & Petals boasts a gorgeous pink pastel interior, pink d├ęcor, and even pink salt! 

There are little cute signs on the tables, one read: ADVENTURE AWAITS. 

Towards the back of the restaurant, there's a selfie booth with props to take pictures with. (Even the restrooms are cute! The sink was blinged out and not your ordinary public restroom).

Backdrop display of the beautiful bar at Puff & Petals.
Photos by Lanette Espy

Inside Puff & Petals restaurant.

Pink booths!
The menu consists of signature cocktails from which I chose Cigar on the Beach (Johnny Walker Black, fresh citrus, cranberry, and pineapple). The drink had a boiling, smoky effect when one of the nice bartenders brought it out to the table. He even gave me a minute to take a quick video and photo before dropping the ice cubes into the drink.

Cigar on the Beach - $14
The outer glass gives off a beachy feel (obviously matching the name of the drink) and is garnished with sand, a little umbrella, and an actual cigar! 
I did not keep the cigar. The bartender said they aren't the best cigars, plus, I don't smoke.

If you dine in on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, there are $5 Puff Shots available to order from the menu as well as different specials throughout the week. 
Puff & Petals menu. Prices range from $7 to $18, not too shabby.

Not only was the wait staff friendly and attentive at Puff & Petals, but the delivery and presentation are ON POINT, plus everything I had was so tasty! 

The Loaded Petals tapas and Charlotte's Ribs were some of my top contenders when browsing the menu, but I winded up ordering the Merry Mac, a six cheese Cavatappi pasta with chunks of succulent lobster. 

It was delicious!

Every bite of the baked macaroni and cheese and lobster just melted in my mouth and I didn't want it to end. 

Merry Mac - $14

Although I didn't have dessert (I had a family reunion event to attend to later on that evening where I ate even more!), a popular dessert choice is K's Southern Peach Fun Cake which is a giant spoon of funnel cake. I saw this dish brought out to a couple of tables near me. 

In the near future, Puff & Petals will reportedly expand. The top level will eventually open where a hookah lounge will be added. 

The next time I visit Atlanta, I look forward to visiting K. Michelle's restaurant again as I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

And, if you have to wait for a table, the food, cocktails and dining experience is definitely worth it! 

The pink decor is so cute and there is even pink salt!

House Rule #10: Don't ask the wait staff when K. Michelle is coming! 

My brother and I dining at Puff & Petals. 

UPDATE: Puff & Petals now takes reservations!
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