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Genius! This New Jersey guy secretly followed his wife's Pinterest account for gift ideas

Hey men! Are you wondering what to buy your lady? Looking for the perfect gift idea?

Well, check out with this guy did...

Jordan, 29, from New Jersey decided to secretly follow his wife's Pinterest page. 

After American civil rights activist DeRay Mckesson tweeted out asking his followers if Pinterest is still around and confessed he never figured out what to use the social media platform for, Jordan offered up this genius idea:

Pro tip, fellas! 

Jordan's tweet has been retweeted over 80 thousand times!

Most of us ladies loveeee Pinterest! The online scrapbook is great for saving a number of items to your personal virtual boards. For instance, I have a board just for exercise tips and videos, one for blogging tips, another for cooking recipes, one for clothes and shoes that I love, and the list goes on and on. It's safe to say I LOVE Pinterest (you can check out my account here). And, I think it's a smart way to get to know what someone likes.

Jordan told BuzzFeed"You don’t have to be committed to giving gifts if you don’t have the money or if your significant other isn’t big on gifts."

"Get to know the person and commit to making them happy how they want to be made happy — not how you want them to receive it," he said.


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