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Jay Ellis says an angry fan cursed him out because of his character on 'Insecure'

I've been meaning to post more about Insecure ... Such a really dope show!

Jay Ellis, who plays Lawrence on Insecure, recently sat down for an interview with the Ebro In The Morning crew on Hot 97 where he talked more about his character on the HBO show. 

The 35-year-old actor revealed that an aggressive fan recently approached him and cursed him out...

"I had somebody yell 'f*ck you' at me a couple of days ago. Like literally screaming from across the street and then storming up to me in my face. 'You ain't sh*t, you're never going to be sh*t, you wasn't sh*t when...' and I'm like, 'Whoa, whoa, whoa!" he said. "At the end, I was like, 'You realize that's just TV, right?' and she's like, 'You're looking into my soul right now."

Wow, people are cray cray! 

Watch Jay Ellis' full interview below:

Quick Season 2 Recap Of Lawrence & Issa

Fans of the show know Lawrence was dating Issa but the two recently broke up after he found out Issa cheated on him with her ex-fling, Daniel. Lawrence quickly moved out of their apartment and he wasted no time jumping on the next piece of ass, Tasha, the chick at his bank who was crushing on him.  

At the end of the season 2 premiere, Lawrence was shown going back to his old apartment that he once shared with Issa to collect some items he left there. Right before he's about to leave, Lawrence has sex with Issa (it was literally like five pumps). 

He then realizes it was a mistake, washes his dick off, kisses Issa on the cheek (like she's some stranger ... like he wasn't just inside her), and he awkwardly leaves as she's left sitting on the couch wondering if they'll get back together. 

I'm mad at her as well for even letting him inside, literally. 

In last week's episode, we see Lawrence confess to his new chick, Tasha, that he slept with his ex. 

"It just happened," he tells Tasha. 

Although Tasha and Lawrence don't seem exclusive yet, I did find it funny how he basically cheated (like Issa) and wants to be forgiven ... but, he couldn't forgive Issa and give her a second chance though, hunh? Welp! 

This sent social media into a frenzy as some men were praising Lawrence's behavior and #LawrenceHive was born (yes, this is a thing). 

Some of us female viewers were upset with Lawrence's actions (he used to be the good guy!)

Although Issa was dead wrong for cheating on her loyal boyfriend, they somehow could have at least talked about it and tried to work through things after being in a relationship for five years. It's like Lawrence couldn't wait to f*ck Tasha, the next available and nearby pussy.

And, Tasha's ol' settling ass was quick to forgive Lawrence. It looks like the two of them will be getting closer as Lawrence will make an appearance at Tasha's family barbecue in this Sunday's episode. 

Meanwhile, Issa finds out from her bestie, Molly, that Lawrence has no intention of getting back together with her, he even got himself a new apartment. So, to get over her breakup with Lawrence, Issa is going to ask her bestie how to be a ho and she'll start meeting new guys. 

Tasha Receives Hate Mail From Fans In Real Life

Dominique Perry, the actress who plays Tasha on the show, recently shared that she receives hate mail because of her character.

"I get so much hate mail," she told Essence. "I've even had a girl be like, 'Oh, my God, you know I want to fight you, right?'"

I'm not feeling Tasha, but it's not that serious, people... remember, it's only TV!

Insecure airs on HBO, Sundays at 10:30 p.m.


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