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POWER Season 4, Ep. 7 Recap: 'You Lied to My Face'

"You Lied To My Face" Season 4, Ep. 407 - Full Recap

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After last week's crazy action-packed episode, this week deals with the aftermath as more truth is uncovered in the St. Patrick house, with Tommy's family, and within the federal agent crew. 

Tommy Is Back And Kanan Is Still Alive

James and Tariq are on a train back home, both of them are sitting there in complete shock as they deal with the aftermath of what just happened. James puts his arm around Tariq as his son just looks straight ahead and spaced out. 

Tommy is back in New York! He heads over to his stash place where he finds one of his boys tied up and sitting on the floor. Remember, James had to rob Tommy's spot in order to get some quick money to save his son. 

"What the fuck happened?!" Tommy asks. 

"We were robbed, man. It was Ghost!"

"Ghost??!" Tommy says in shock. 

"He was with that dude, Kanan."

Tommy is even more shocked now. "Kanan is still alive!?" 

Tommy receives a phone call from James telling him to meet up because Tariq is in trouble. Tommy meets up with them and Tariq hugs him. 

"What happened to him?!" Tommy asks. 

James tells Tariq to warm up in Tommy's car while the two of them walk off to talk.

"I don't understand. You said you set Kanan on fire, how the fuck is he still alive?!" Tommy asks. 

Tariq puts the window down so he can eavesdrop as Tommy fills James in on something he didn't know about when he was locked up ... the night Tasha got the ransom demand and saw the photo of Tariq passed out with a crispy looking arm around him. 

"Look, Tariq lied to you," James says. "Kanan got his mind all twisted out."

James tells Tommy about Jukebox and says Kanan shot her to save Tariq's life. 

"Ghost, this story is so fucking weird," Tommy says. "If you were anybody the fuck else for any fucking reason, you would be dead right now."

"I know," James says. 

Tommy asks Tariq if Dre ever saw him talking to Kanan. Tariq lies and says Dre didn't know and he didn't tell him. 

Saved his ass, for now.

The St. Patrick Family Is Definitely Not Like The Cosby's

James and Tariq return home and Tasha storms out demanding to know where they've been all night. 

Tariq steps up to his mom and says, "you lied to me!"

"Excuse me?" Tasha says with a shocked look on her face.

"When I asked you about Shawn, you lied straight to my face," Tariq explains.

Tasha is confused as to where this is coming from and James cuts in to let her know Tariq was with Kanan and he got kidnapped. "Apparently it ain't the first time."

Tasha looks terrified and says, "So, Slim was Kanan? This whole time."

"I knew it," she whispers to herself. 

Tariq goes off to shower and James takes Tasha inside their walk-in closet so they can talk. 

"Look, I never got a chance to tell you what's been going on..." Tasha starts explaining. 

"What's been going on? You've been letting Tariq run around with Kanan!" James says. 

"I did the best I could, he lies all the time now."

"You had one job, Tasha." 

Tasha goes off and says back, "One job!? I was dealing with your lying son on top of scrapping together money for your bail and playing wifey in court while your oblivious ass was sitting around in prison because Proctor didn't want you stressed out. What the fuck!?" 

"Okay, so it's easy to be locked up for something you didn't even do?" James replies. 

"That's right, you were innocent. Remind me again why you got arrested?" she asks. 

"For protecting Tommy..." James starts saying. 

"Wrong!" Tasha cuts in. "You got arrested because you dipped your dick in that fed bitch!"

Ohhhhhhhh snap!

"Give me a break. This ain't got shit to do with Angela," James says.

Raina can hear her parents arguing on the other side of the wall. Tasha starts yelling back about how Tariq used to be a good kid and she says her son started acting up when James left their family. 

James quickly corrects her and says, "I didn't leave our family, I left you."

Tasha looks a bit hurt, but she says, "That's right, you left me because our life together was real and with Angela, you can pretend to be something you never were."

"C'mon, Tasha, let's just cut the shit, alright! This doesn't have anything to do with you nor me, it's about Tariq and mothefucking Kanan."

"We wouldn't be talking about motherfucking Kanan if you would've killed him like I told you 10 years ago!" she yells back.

James responds, "You're right, I was supposed to kill him 10 years ago, but I didn't. You happy now? Hunh!?"

Raina interrupts and knocks on her parents bedroom door, pretending like she didn't just hear all of that. She's excited to see her dad and gives him a hug before getting ready to head off to school. 


Simon Stern pops up at the house, to James' surprise, and he has his team with him to give James an image makeover. 

James and Tasha are told by this team that their penthouse will need some redecorating for an interview which will air on prime time TV to launch Simon and James' real estate agency. 

Tasha quickly interjects when the team also informs that they want her and the kids to join in on the interview as well. She says no because the kids have been through enough and had to deal with the paparazzi at their school. 

"I'm not putting them infront of a camera."

"James, if we miss this window of opportunity, it might not ever happen again," Simon says. 

He pulls James to the side to further convince him and tells him this is also an opportunity for him as well so he can make a fresh start since being free from jail. "A family and businessman who is ready for the next chapter of his life."

James puts his arm around Tasha and says his kids and wife will be ready for the interview. Tasha gives off a fake smile as she continues to play like they are the perfect family. 


Tasha later has a chat with Raina and asks if she's knows who Kanan is. Raina says no and Tasha starts describing his appearance and she tells her daughter if she ever see's him to stay far away because he's very dangerous. 

"Is that what you and dad were fighting about earlier?" Raina asks. 

"No, that's nothing you need to worry about, I promise." Tasha says. "What's wrong baby girl?"

"Stop calling me that! Stop treating me like a damn baby."

Uh oh! Check out Raina lashing out like her bad ass brother. 

Raina is upset because she knows something is going on but no one tells her anything. She wants answers about Tariq, Kanan and her father. Tasha tells Raina that Tariq needs them to watch out for him so the next time he sneaks out, she wants Raina to tell her. 

"It feels good to know that I can depend on you," Tasha says to her daughter. 

The Prosecution Team Is On The Hunt For A Win 

Mak has a meeting with his team where he talks about everyone's continued suspension while they get reviewed on James' case being dismissed. 

"Before deciding on official disciplinary action, I think you all are going to get fucking fired. So, I suggest you polish up your resumes," Mak says. 

Angela reminds Mak, "You deserve a suspension just as much as the rest of us. You were the captain of this team, remember?" 

"Well, I argue that, as the newcomer, I lacked institutional knowledge to void the pitfalls that damaged the prosecution," Mak smartly responds. 

Mike asks about the status of James' case since it was released on prejudice. Mak says the department wants justice, even if Greg was the mole. Mak informs the team that they won't be able to log into the database or take anymore cases during their suspension. 

"You are civilians now," Mak says to them. "And, don't do anything stupid and try to get your jobs back. I'm gonna solve this case."

Later on, Mike and Cooper walk Angela to the elevator. 

"I worked hard to get here and I'm not going to lose my job because of you, Angela. St. Patrick is the killer ... and I still intend on winning a case against him," Cooper says. 

Mike chimes in and says, "We all want a conviction here, Saxe."

"Unless you find evidence linking the murder weapon to St. Patrick, you're not gonna convict him," Angela says. "James St. Patrick didn't hide that gun. That gun is the key to this whole case."

"Yea, you're not wrong there. I'll figure out a way to pin it on him," Cooper says. "Then, I'm gonna make my bonus taking you down with him."

Dre Talks His Way Into A Promotion

Tommy meets up with Dre and wastes no time questioning him about Kanan. 

"Yo, wassup, Dre. How long did you know Kanan was alive and in New York?" he asks. 

Dre fakes like he didn't know the news and he acts shocked. "Kanan is alive?!"

Tommy takes out his gun and says, "Don't play stupid with me, Dre."

When Tommy tells him how Kanan and Jukebox kidnapped and almost killed Tariq, Dre plays dumb and says he doesn't know who Jukebox is and doesn't know what Tommy is talking about. He also asks if Tariq is okay. 

"Oh yeah, he's fine, no thanks to you," Tommy answers. 

Dre looks Tommy straight in the eyes and says, "I didn't know about Kanan." 

Yo, how many times has Dre lied to Tommy!? Smh. 

Tommy eases up and puts his gun away. I guess he believes Dre, for now. 

Dre says if Kanan is out, he's going to come looking for him and he tells Tommy there's another problem. Dre tells Tommy that he found Julio's car parked outside the warehouse where he was supposed to meet the new premier and says he's been calling Julio but hasn't heard back from him in 24 hours. 

The two of them walk inside and it doesn't take them long to spot Julio laid out on the floor in a pool of blood. 

Tommy runs over to check on Julio and realizes he's dead. He looks at his neck and see's his gang tattoo was cut off. 

"Looks like the Toros Locos finally caught up with him and disrespected me and Ghost."

"What does Ghost have to do with this?" Dre asks.

Tommy tells him about the deal Ghost made with the Toros Locos to keep Julio safe. 

"Now with Ghost out the game, it looks like the Toros Locos is sending a message that they ain't scared of just me. Well, they just fucked up big time," Tommy says.

Dre then has the nerve to ask Tommy what he plans on doing with the distro position (which used to be Julio's position). 

"Really, Dre? The body ain't even cold yet," Tommy says. 

"Julio knew the risk when he got into this life and now he's gone," Dre says. "Do you want to take an ad out on Craig's List or promote me?"

Tommy looks up at Dre and says, "I wanna meet with Uriel (the Toros Locos member who killed Julio) set it up."

"Put Julio somewhere nice," Tommy says before he walks out. "You got the job, kid." 

Dre is left there to take care of Julio's body. He bends down, looks at Julio and says, "I win, motherfucker." 

James and Tommy Catch Up

Now aware of Julio's death, James tells Tommy that now is not a good time to react because he'll just set off a chain reaction which will draw unwanted attention to the both of them. 

"You've been out for five minutes and you don't even ask me what I'm going to do, you just tell me what to do?" Tommy says. 

"No offense here, man, brother, but I have a case to beat here, one that effects you too. Look, Angela's move may have got me released, but this shit ain't over. I'm just trying to make the call to keep us both safe," James explains. 

"Like the call you made when you didn't tell me Ruiz was wearing a wire? You know the night I killed him?" Tommy reveals. 

"Yeah, I know. Proctor told me you broke into that FBI's agent apartment to try and get the tape back."

"I didn't get it back," James says.

"I know, I did," Tommy says. 

James starts wondering how Tommy got the tape. 

"Ghost, there was a tape, I took care of it, that's all you need to know. For now, I got some business to take care of with those Toros Locos."

Still Looking For The Mole

Cooper and Mike meet up with Mak again about the Greg Knox case. 

"What if Greg's murderer has been sitting beside us this whole time?" Mike says.

He then goes on to point all fingers at Jerry Donovan who found Greg's body, he also signed the arrest warrant for James and he found the murder weapon.

"All of which is his job," Mak adds. 

Mike and Cooper tell Mak to check it out since their resources are cut off. 

Meanwhile, Jerry and Angela meet up. He still thinks James killed Greg and thinks James had someone else hide the gun, maybe even Dre, and he thinks they altered the tape. 

"When would they have had time?" Angela points out. "Face it, the gun wasn't there before our people arrived."

Angela says whoever planted the gun had to go upstairs and she wants to know who else knew he was about to turn the cameras off in the club. 

"I'm on suspension, Jerry, but from desk duty, you could look," she says. 

"Even discussing this with you could have me lose that desk job. I support a whole family on this check, alright?" he says.

"So do I, but Greg's killer is still out there," Angela says.

Later on, Mak questions Mike about him and Cooper's whereabouts in Truth club that day when the cameras were shut off. He soon realizes Mike had some time alone that he can't account for. 

Tasha Is Depending More On Terry As They Get Closer

Terry meets up with Tasha at her house and he says the family interview is a bad idea. But, if they do it, he says Tasha has to be apart of it because she's a part of the image and this whole "redemption story."

"Yes, they dismissed the charges against James but there's no guarantee they won't try again," Terry explains.

"He [James] already made up his mind, I can't stop him," Tasha responds. 

Terry also tells her that he doesn't want to represent James anymore. 

"But, we need you, I need you," Tasha says looking into his eyes. 

"Then I will be there, but not for him, for you," he says.

"Good," Tasha says.

Cleaning Up Mess 

James and Joe Proctor meet up and discuss the tapes. Joe tells him that Tommy killed Bailey in his apartment. 

"Are you telling me Tommy shot a fucking homeland security agent?" James asks. 

"No, stabbed," Joe says. "And, Tommy is a fucking psycho. You think I'll tell him what to do?! He's the real threat here." 

Joe says the tape is destroyed now. James tells him to have his apartment professionally cleaned a couple of more times. 

Beef With The Toros Locos

Tommy and Dre later meet up with members of the Toros Locos in a warehouse where Uriel already pinned Julio's murder on another member of the crew and says he acted alone. 

"It wasn't me, you puto liar!" the guy yells out to Uriel in Spanish. 

"That don't sound good, what's he saying?" Tommy asks. 

Uriel lies and says the guy is begging for his life. 

"J was a tough motherfucker. You're telling me this punk took out Julio all by himself?!" Tommy questions. 

"And, cut off the tattoo," Uriel adds. "To make it right, he wanted to offer to kill you."

"Oh, that was nice," Tommy says and he shoots the guy right in the face then turns the gun on Uriel. 

Dre tells Tommy to chill and says that guy acted like a loan wolf. 

But, Tommy ain't buying it and he tells Uriel, "You think bringing me a scrub like this is gonna make up to me losing my distro?! I want the territory we gave you for Julio."

Tommy threatens Uriel and tells him to set up a meeting with the Jimenez organization so he can claim the territory back. 

Once Tommy leaves, Dre sneaks over to Uriel and says, if this starts a war then they're both going to lose.

Tommy later meets up with the Jimenez crew and explains the Julio situation. Tommy says since the deal is off, he wants his old territory back, and he wants six new Toros Locos corners and a port connection in California in which he says he will give them back a percentage.

Tommy also brings up the fact that he killed Lobos and says the Jimenez crew owes him for that as well. Dre seems shocked to hear this news. 

The Jimenez's say they have to take some time to consider it and Tommy warns them not to take too long. 

Playing The Perfect Family

During the interview with the family, Tasha and James both have to answer some hard hitting questions. 

With Terry's help in the background, Tasha is able to answer the questions perfectly when she's put on the spot... questions about Angela and why she's not wearing her wedding ring. She also puts on a great show when she says she's ready to be with James again and after everything they've been through, she says their family is stronger than ever. 

Tariq Finds Out Some Truth About His Parent's Past

Dre talks to Tariq in his car and asks why did he cover for him when he was the one who introduced him to Kanan. Tariq says he wanted to know why Dre did that and he wants the truth now since he covered for him. 

With Tariq understanding more about his dad, Kanan and Tommy's background, he starts asking questions. He also finds out that his mom and dad were responsible for sending Kanan to jail. 

Later on, Tariq is in his room playing some violent shooting video game and he sneaks some syrup into a can of soda.

"That don't bother you after seeing what happened to Jukebox?" James asks. 

"It's not real," Tariq says. 

"Well, what is real is the fact that you've been hanging out with Kanan. I need to know how you met him?" James asks. 

Tariq explains some of the story of how he met Kanan and reveals some things Kanan told him, like knowing Shawn and James back in the day. Tariq asks why Kanan was in jail and James answers saying Kanan broke the law but it had nothing to do with him. 

"Neither your mother or I did anything to hurt Kanan, no matter what Kanan or Jukebox told you," James says. 

James receives a phone call from inmate Tony Teresi who warns him he has two days to give Tommy the cellphone. 

Tasha And Terry Go Out

Tasha and Terry's chemistry deepens even more as Tasha shows off her vocal skills while singing some Whitney Houston during a karaoke outing. Terry invited her to a local spot where him and his friends regularly visit since he lives just around the corner. 

Umm... does James know she's out?! She's going to make the family image look bad if she's caught flirting with Terry in public. 

"You can sang girl," Terry says.

"You can sang too, boy! Maybe in another life we could've done something, a duet or something." 

"Like BeBe and CeCe Winans?" Terry says as he's just a grinning all hard.

"No, not brother and sister, c'mon now," Tasha says. 

"Right, not brother and sister," Terry says. 

It doesn't take him long to get the hint and he leans in and kisses Tasha. 

Lawd, and it starts!

"I'm not really in the business of kissing the wives of my clients," he says. 

"First time for everything though, right?" Tasha says with that naughty look in her eyes. 

"Let's get you in a cab," Terry says. 


The next morning, Tasha comes out of the bathroom and see's a ring box on her bed. 

"Well, it's not gonna open itself," James says. 

She opens the box and see's a huge wedding ring. 

"After you came through in the interview yesterday, I thought you deserved a replacement," he tells Tasha. 

"I thought we couldn't afford this?" she asks. 

James says Simon is throwing a welcome home party at Truth nightclub where some city officials will be attending. He needs her wearing the wedding ring and looking the part. 

He slides the ring on her finger and says, "the first time I did this, it was because you made me a better criminal. But yesterday, you made me a better man."

He gives Tasha a peck on the lips.

Tariq Is Not Equipped To Deal With All The Lies

Tommy pops up while James and Tasha are at Truth nightclub. He chills with Tariq in his room for alittle while he's still playing video games.

"Look, Tariq ... Kanan ain't coming back so you ain't gotta be scared," Tommy says. 

"I'm not scared," Tariq says. 

"Did you know my dad put Kanan in jail?" he asks. 

"No, honestly Tariq, I didn't know nothing about it. Why? What did Kanan tell you?"

Tariq asks Tommy if he has killed people and Tommy says they should talk about it when he gets older. But, Tariq wants answers now. Tommy tells him to ask his father about the time when they were kids because it's not his story to tell.

"But, what I can tell you, Tariq, is that Kanan ain't a good guy."

"It's hard to tell who is good and bad anymore," Tariq says. 


Tariq continues sipping on lean as he pours more syrup in his soda can. Raina later comes in his room and asks him what is he hiding. 

"Mom told me about Kanan, are you okay?" she asks.

"What she say? That he's dangerous, stay away from him? She's a fucking liar, just like dad, Uncle Thomas, and everyone else."

Tariq tells Raina that their parents aren't innocent and that their dad was a drug dealer who killed people. 

Raina says she heard their parents fighting earlier and overheard their mom saying they should have killed Kanan 10 years ago. Raina doesn't understand what's going on. 

"What don't you understand? We cannot trust them?" Tariq says.

Raina mentions a prep school in Connecticut and says maybe they can convince their parents to send them there so they can escape all the BS in New York.

"I'm not going to any white ass nerd school in the burbs, you can go if you want," Tariq snaps back.

Raina tells her brother that they need to make sure everything looks right so dad can stay out of jail.

"I don't care if he goes back to jail or not, you're an idiot," Tariq says to his sister. 

She pushes her brother and calls him the idiot. Tariq pushes her back and out of his room and Raina falls in the hallway. 

"Too bad mom's not here to save you," Tariq says as he slams his door closed. 

James Meets Councilman Tate 

The lady who interviewed James and Tasha earlier says to him, "I saw that little performance that your wife gave you during the interview. She doesn't love you anymore, I can tell."

James soon meets Rashad Tate, a Queens city councilman (played by actor Larenz Tate). 

Rashad walks over, introduces himself and says, "So, you fought the law and you won, my brother."

The two start discussing James' new interest in the minority trade commission and Rashad asks if Stern is pushing him into it. He gives James his business card and tells him before he commits to anything, to give him a call about one of his properties. 

Terry shows up at the club, finds Tasha and says, "You look beautiful tonight. The ring is a nice touch."

"Look, Terry, let me explain..." she starts saying. 

But, Simon cuts in and he's looking for James. Terry walks off and Tasha excuses herself. Simon tells James to stay away from Rashad because he's just a distraction and one of James' "weaknesses."

Although James agrees with what some of what Rashad had to say, Simon has other plans with properties from another councilman. 

"Well, good thing you're a silent partner," James says to Simon and walks away. 

The Prosecution Team Does Some Digging As Mike Tries To Cover His Own Ass

Jerry shows up at Angela's apartment and says he couldn't stop thinking about what Angela said. He mentions Cooper taking an off-the-book secret meeting with Bailey who has now been missing for a week.

"Saxe is many things, but he's not a killer," Angela says. "I mean he may jerk off over a dead body, but actually pull a trigger, I don't know."

Donovan pulls out a flash drive containing files and the two of them start digging for answers. 

Meanwhile, sneaky ass Mike shows up to Jerry's apartment with a gun. He knocks on the door and is surprised when Jerry's daughter answers. Mike didn't realize she would be there. She says her dad has been working late for the last couple of nights. 

"Do you want me to tell him you stopped by?" she asks. 

"No, no, that's okay. Have a goodnight," Mike says before he leaves.

Jerry is still back at Angela's place scanning different views of the camera files. He says there is no reason for Mike to have gone upstairs into James' office and they both look for any evidence that may be on the camera. They finally spot a view on the camera that indeed shows Mike heading upstairs. 

Angela gets a knock at her door and she's hesitant to answer it at first until she see's it's only Cooper. 

"Angela, I think Mak is starting to suspect me of Greg's murder and it really wasn't me," Copper says. 

"I don't think so either," she says. 

Cooper continues, "I've been talking to Mike and he's been thinking it's Donovan and there's some damn good reasons."

Angela opens the door all the way and Cooper see's Jerry is sitting right there on the couch. 

"Heyyy, Jerry! Did you hear all of that?" Cooper asks.


Angela invites Cooper in and says they have something to show him. 

Tasha and Terry Get Intimate

Tasha shows up at Terry's place to his surprise. 

"Tasha, what are you doing here?"

She explains that her wedding ring is just apart of the costume. 

"I mean, you were the one who told me that I needed to stand by James so he doesn't end up in jail," she says. 

"I did say that and I wasn't being fair okay. I don't have the right to ask anything of you. You should go," he says.

"I should but you know what, I just keep thinking.. what if I never met James, what if I met you first," Tasha says as she kisses Terry.

Terry takes his shirt off and he unzips Tasha's dress. She strips down to her bra, leans back on the couch and quickly slides her panties off. Terry slides right on top of Tasha and now they're both completely naked. 

Lawd! We all saw that coming! Tasha loves seducing men, I mean, who can forget when she masturbated in the car with Shawn watching in season 1. 

Tommy And James Have To Help Each Other

James finally meets up with Tommy and tells him to call Tony. He explains that he killed a marshal in prison and Tony helped him cover up his crime in exchange for a phone call from Tommy. 

"Well, that wasn't very smart," Tommy says.

"Not smart like you killing a homeland security agent?" James responds. 

"Proctor told you?" 

Tommy tells James that one of Joe Proctor's boys disposed of Bailey's body and Joe kept the laptop to clean it. 

Tommy doesn't have the body or the recording and he is naive to the fact that Joe wouldn't snitch on him but James reminds him that Joe isn't their lawyer anymore, he's an accomplice now. 

"You fucked up when you killed the agent and I fucked up when I killed the marshal, so here we are, yet again," James says.


Mak pops up infront of Joe's place and asks what he got himself into. Mak mentions Bailey and says he thinks he had evidence against Tommy and James and he thinks they made him disappear. 

"You can think whatever you want," Joe says.

Mak tells Joe that his number was the last number Bailey called on his cellphone. 

"What happened to him, Joe? Tell me now and save yourself," he says. 

"I have no idea," Joe responds.

"Oh, you know something," Mak says. "You're gonna talk to me or they're going to kill you. It's up to you which happens first."

Mak gets in his car and pulls off and Joe heads inside his place. James is shown right across the street watching from a distance.

Tommy Uncovers A Huge Family Secret

Tommy is sitting in his truck in a parking lot and smoking when he decides to give Tony a call.

"I'm a busy man, what do you want?" Tommy asks him. 

Tony says, "It's good to hear your voice, Tommy..."

"Cut the small talk, what do you want?"

Tony starts explaining his reason for wanting to talk and says he's been in prison for awhile so he came to learn that the only people who really matter is family. 

"Yeah, it sounds like group therapy has done wonders for you," Tommy says, "But, if this conversation ain't about money, then..."

Tony interrupts him and says, "Tommy, I don't know any other way to say this... I'm your dad. You're my son and I want to meet you."

"My dad is dead, motherfucker."

Tony says it wasn't his choice not to be apart of his life, and he says it was Kate's choice. 

Tommy's eyes open wide when he hears Tony mention his mother's name. 

"How the fuck do you know my mother?" he asks.

Tony explains how he met Kate in Atlantic City, New Jersey when she was a dancer. He says he got this thing about red heads.

"Look, I meant what I said before. I want you to come see me," Tony says and hangs up.

I knew Tony was Tommy's father! Well, this relationship is about to get interesting.



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