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'The Challenge' star Camila drunkenly spits out racial slurs, calls Leroy a 'black motherf*****'

This bish, Camila
Last night, The Challenge cast member Camila Nakagawa, called Leroy, another castmember who is black, a "black motherf**kin' p****y."

During this episode of The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30, Camila and Leroy got into it over nothing after she thought he was talking about her, and she decided to start yelling out racial slurs. 

This piece of shit, Camila - who is a Challenge vet and who brags all of the time about being Brazilian by the way - does the same thing over and over every season: 

She drinks, gets drunk, acts stupid, cries the next day, apologizes and then repeat. MTV must bring her back all off the time because she's "entertaining" in their eyes.
And, here she is below, crying the next day:

The racist comment she said to Leroy was totally uncalled for! THANK GOODNESS he kept his cool because had he even touched her with a finger or yelled back, he would've been viewed as the "angry black guy."

The victim, Leroy with Johnny over in the background standing towards the left
Everyone was just sitting around and watching when they know Camila's routine and yet they sit there and wait for her to blow up. Are they that bored in the house? Even Johnny mentioned that she has that crazy look in her eyes, but they let her go on. EVEN SECURITY doesn't remove her fast enough!
Then, this crazy bih had thee nerve to turn around and hit Leroy with a pillow (when it was Johnny that threw it) and again, Leroy keeps his cool and he even forgave her fake ass apology later on. MIND YOU, Camila only apologized because Leroy had to call her out infront of everyone, smh!

Also, some of my blog followers alerted me that what Camila said was actually much worse. They told me that Johnny did an Instagram Live video and said Camilla called Leroy the N-word, but MTV edited and didn't air that part (for some reason). 

According to fans who attended the reunion:

“Camila went off on Leroy during filming this season in Colombia and said multiple racial slurs such as the N word and black mother f***** to him and everyone praised Leroy for just standing there and letting her dig her own grave. Multiple cast members think the footage should be shown because of how well Leroy acted. And obviously to show how disrespectful Camila was.”

I also hear Camila was not present at the reunion which was recently filmed. 

Camila's actions should have got her sent home or at the least, the host TJ should have revoked her privileges away as the winner so she wouldn't have any power because she didn't deserve it! 

This chick clearly has issues at home and she never learns her lesson! She just hasn't met the right one yet to put her in her place. She's lucky none of the black women were there to hear the mess spilling out of her mouth - Simone and Latoya were eliminated and Aneesa was in the redemption house during the incident. I'm sure they would have chewed her ass up. 
If you're racist while drunk, you're a racist while you're sober! Drunk people speak sober thoughts.  

After the episode aired, Camila posted another fake ass apology to her social media pages:
This prompted a response from Leroy:
Also, Veronica, another veteran castmember, revealed that there was more said that us viewers didn't get to see: 

After Camila’s freakout, MTV flashed a cautionary message on screen about how racism is “unacceptable." 

Camila was also asked back by MTV to film a spin-off challenge immediately following this season called All Stars vs. Pros.

What a joke! Do better, MTV!

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