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Twitter is not feeling Kim Kardashian dressed up as Aaliyah for Halloween

Social media does not play nice. So, it's no surprise when Kim Kardashian decided to dress up as Aaliyah for Halloween all hell hate broke loose. Many people were upset the reality star impersonated Aaliyah.

Mind you, this is just one of the many costumes that Kim decided to wear this year for Halloween. The Keeping Up With The Kardashian's star also dressed up as Cher and Madonna ... all of whom she said are icons and some of her favorite musical legends, Aaliyah included. So, why are people so mad? 
I even saw tweets saying how Kim K. shouldn't dress up as Aaliyah because the singer is dead.

But, no one was this upset when Keke Palmer dressed up as Aaliyah two years ago for Halloween.
And c'mon, how many times have people dressed up as Michael Jackson or any other famous person who is no longer with us?? So, according to these brilliant people... anyone who passed away is off limits as a Halloween costume. Right?

Is it because Kim K. is not black? I saw another tweet which read: 

"tbh kim dressing up as aaliyah isn’t really offensive, there’s people out there wearing blackface and she had the respect not to so."

Others picked at little things like: Kim's boobs are too big to be Aaliyah ... Kim has too much makeup on, etc. etc.... Well, Aaliyah actually wore a lot of blue eye shadow in her "Try Again" video. So what's the problem?

Now, according to Kim's tweet above, she's paying homage to musical legends/icons. I bet money if she were to only dress up as only white musical legends, then someone would have something negative to say, like: 'Why didn't Kim pay homage to any black icons?' 

It's like damned if you do and damned if you don't. Can a bih just dress up for Halloween and not be picked apart? 

I think people are mad just because it's Kim Kardashian. Although she has a huge fanbase, many don't like Kim (and her family) ... shocking! 

The Kardashian's have been accused of cultural appropriation plenty of times. Some hate the fact that she's married to Kanye West, while others hate the fact that her family dates black men. Some are just tired of seeing the Kardashian's posted all over the internet every other minute. Some don't understand why Kim is even famous to begin with (blame Ray J, lol) and they say Kim has no talent ... etc. etc. etc. There's a long list of reasons why peeps dislike Kim. 

Well, check this, talent or no talent, Kim has surpassed her 15 minutes of fame yearssss ago after that sextape and she has built a solid brand. Better yet, she has built a massive empire AND brought her entire family on board. So, like it or not, they're not going anywhere any time soon. In fact, the Kardashian clan reportedly signed a $150 million TV deal recently. So, how's that for having "no talent."

Hell, I barely post about the Kardashian's on my blog and when I do, it never fails for someone to post "who cares?" or some other negative feedback. I'm not the biggest Kim K. fan but I think people are reaching a bit much on this whole Aaliyah costume.

Kim had no chance in hell when she dressed up as the iconic Aaliyah. Although I think Kim absolutely nailed this look, many didn't think so. 
Look at all of this backlash Kim received after I posted the above picture/video on Twitter:

However, there were a couple of Kim supporters:

It's Halloween, guys. Chill out.

What do you think? 

Did Kim Kardashian nail 
this Aaliyah look or nah? 


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