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Dutchess reveals fake storylines on 'Black Ink Crew' as she blasts Sky, Ceaser, and the production crew!

Earlier today, Dutchess stopped by The Breakfast Club to clear her name up following the season six premiere of Black Ink Crew (which she is currently not on) ... and, Dutchess spilled all the tea!

The former Black Ink Crew reality star talked about all the fake storyline's on the show and said the cast doesn't really film in their own apartments, production pays for Airbnb's, as she blasted production company, Big Fish Entertainment. 

Dutchess also gossiped about Skyy's kids not being real twins and being in a juvenile detention center, and she said Skyy created false storyline's off of lies.

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Dutchess also went in on her ex-fiance, Ceasar, who talked about her during his recent interview on The Breakfast Club. She said production gave her and Ceasar an ultimatum to either hurry up and get married or break up. Ceasar also allegedly couldn't even pay his own child support so Dutchess claims she did! 

Why the hell did she pay Ceaser's child support?!
Girlllll, BYE!
And, Dutchess said she was tired of being fake while filming on the show. 

Lawd! There's no contract she gotta follow after filming?? Lol. 

Do you think Dutchess is telling the truth or is she just salty that she's not on 'Black Ink Crew' anymore?

Check out the full interview below:


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