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Lil' Mama says she has forgiven and grown since her infamous 2009 VMA's moment of crashing Jay-Z's performance

Jay-Z celebrated his 48th birthday yesterday and Lil' Mama decided to drop him a birthday message on her Instagram page. 

The "Lip Gloss" rapper posted a photo of her and Jay, the photo that was snapped in 2009 of her crashing his and Alicia Keys' Video Music Awards performance

This was the infamous moment when she took the stage uninvited and tried to pose next to Jigga and Alicia. Afterwards, Lil' Mama apologized and Hov called the act "outta line." She was ridiculed by fans. She also revealed that she lost a lot of work because of it. Lil' Mama meant no harm by it and said she was just trying to celebrate New York where both her and Hov are from. 

Eight years later and on Hov's birthday, Lil' Mama brought up that moment, again. Many people were confused in her comments as to why she would post that particular photo of her and Jay along with the caption: "IM STILL STANDING WIT YOU ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOV."

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But, Lil' Mama didn't stop there. 

She posted another photo, this time a picture of Jay Z alone, and she wrote a longer message to clear up what her first post meant. The 28-year-old rapper says she has grown and forgiven.

"My Last Post was Intended to acknowledge growth. That night, two of my hometown Heros felt disrespected and in return I felt neglected. However time heals all and give us the gift of hindsight (20/20 vision) where we can see things clearer, learn and grow from them."

She continued, "Even having to overcome the scrutiny that came with my choices, I still find it in my heart to forgive and LOVE in Hopes That it is returned upon me."

"I recently watched Jay Z’s interview with The New York Times editor and chief and leaned so much about forgiveness and pushing culture forward. I am inspired by your honesty, vulnerability and maturity. I’m ready for dialogue."

If I was Lil' Mama, I wouldn't even bring this up anymore. It happened. Shit happens. Now, just let it go. 

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