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These new curvaceous sex dolls sent social media into a frenzy

Keep calm! These new curvaceous sex dolls will never replace a real woman

Sex dolls and masturbation toys have been out for years, but these new and approved real life sex dolls are currently a popular topic of conversation because of how real and curvy they look.
There are people out there actually paying more than $2,000 for one of these realistic looking dolls with thick features. The dolls also supposedly have life-like skin, realistic sexual organs, they can get warm, and even fake orgasms.

Social media went crazy over pics of the new silicone sex dolls with some men even going as far as saying us women should be worried with being replaced by the doll. Ha! 

Men's Fitness even came out with an article: 'Could this frighteningly realistic sex doll replace your girlfriend?'

Really though?

These dudes are crazy if they think paying more than $2k for a doll can replace us real women. Can this doll cook for you? (Well, I don't cook, lol), can it slob the knob down real good, can it talk to you, etc., etc., etc.??

There's even a sex doll brothel in Germany! 

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Well, ladies, male sex dolls with bionic penises are coming soon, according to reports. Let's see how men act when these bad boys are released!

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  1. All I read was you being butthurt. Instead of bitching try to understand why the sexdolls are so popular. Men already oook, do dishes, laundry, etc. We don't want to have a nagging/annoying human being in the same house. WE just wan SEX.

    1. How am I butthurt for just stating my opinion and writing that sex dolls will NEVER replace a REAL woman? Lol, okay "anonymous" you can spend $2,000 on some fake pussy if you want to. Do you, boo!


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