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What Beef?! Diddy says 50 Cent loves him

50 Cent is the No. 1 petty king on Instagram and he has been trolling Diddy for the longest time. 

The most recent Diddy comment from 50 came from when he was recently on The Breakfast Club and revealed that Diddy wanted to take him shopping. 

"He told me he'd take me shopping. I looked at him like, 'What'd you just say? Let me move, man, before I do something...That's something a guy says to a girl," 50 Cent said. 

So, what does Diddy have to say about all of this? Well, the Bad Boy mogul seems unbothered by all of 50's past comments. 

Diddy interviewed with The Breakfast Club hosts this morning and he also said that him and 50 are fine, but they're just not "cut from the same cloth."

"Y'all can't see that he loves me?" Diddy asked the radio hosts. "You really think that's hate? When you really break it down, you been out here a long time, you know he loves me." 

50 does seem a little obsessed with Diddy sometimes, lol. 

Check out Diddy's full interview below:


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