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Michael Jackson or Beyonce? Twitter battles over who is the all-time greatest performer

MJ or Bey?

Are we really comparing the two? Like, c'mon.

Earlier today (April 15) #MichaelJackson was trending on Twitter and I was so confused. 

I asked myself: is there new MJ music? ... Did someone else die in the Jackson family? ... Is there a lawsuit? ... It's not his birthday, is it? Or, the anniversary of his death? ... Why is MJ trending??

So, duh. I clicked on the Michael Jackson hashtag to find out what the hoopla was all about, and to my surprise, fans of both MJ and Beyonce were going at it in a Twitter battle over who is the best.

After Beyonce's Coachella slayage, some are calling the performance the greatest of all time, and ... do dare I say it ...  saying Beyonce is the greatest entertainer of ALL TIME.

Woahhhhh! Flag on the play!

Now, I'm a 33-year-old woman who grew up listening to The Jackson 5 and MJ on vinyl records (thanks to my dad), and I'm also still young enough to grow up during the time when Beyonce emerged from Destiny's Child and has since slayed the music industry for over 10 years. Both Bey and MJ are icons and cultural leaders. 

While I do agree that Beyonce is in fact the best LIVING entertainer at the moment, I don't think anyone even remotely compares to MJ when it comes to having the G.O.A.T title. 

I love Beyonce and at times, I can be a crazed fan too, but MJ is in a category by himself. I'm sure even Bey would agree with this. 

MJ is one of the biggest selling artists of all-time and he's the greatest live performer of all-time + he's one of the most talked about celebs of all-time. 

Now, I understand that a lot of young kids watched Coachella last night or even attended the festival and saw Bey's performance in-person so maybe in their lifetime, last night's performance was really the best they've ever seen. Maybe these kids are not really up on MJ's history. Such a shame. So, to them, Beyonce is like the MJ of their generation. 

Bey has already put in the work and at only 36 years old, I think she's already a living legend. But, her and MJ, the "King of Pop" shouldn't even be compared. MJ is thee greatest entertainer, ever. Up until his death in 2009, MJ was smashing all kind of records and breaking history (without the help of social media), and he put in over 35 years in the entertainment industry. 

It’s not even possible to compare MJ and Bey when the two existed in two completely different eras!

Did Beyonce give us ONE OF THE BEST performances in history at Coachella last night ... Yes. Is that performance the best performance in history ... No. Understand the difference here? Beyonce gets her props but she does not overshadow the legends who have come before her. 

James Brown was Michael's inspiration. Michael was Beyonce's inspiration. 

Little kids, please do your homework and Google searches, and just enjoy the great performance Beyonce put on. There's room for everyone. Thank you. 

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