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Azealia Banks drags the hell out of Cardi B on Instagram, Cardi deletes her Instagram account

The drama continues...

So, Azealia Banks is not my cup of tea but chileeeeeee, she read the hell outta Cardi B! 

I usually don't read the long essays on Instagram, but I read her comments (posted below) TWICE, and gawdddddaaammnnnnn! Plus, Azealia's grammar and spelling is on point, so I can appreciate a well written paragraph during the dragging sessions.

Check out the back and forth between Azealia and Cardi B below which prompted Cardi to delete her Instagram account (I don't blame her and I'm sure is temporary) and she also made her Twitter account private:

Cardi's publicist, Patientce, also responded to Azealia (click arrows on photos below to see all of the posts):


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