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Chance The Rapper praises Beyonce in his commencement speech at Dillard University

Chance the Rapper gave the commencement speech on Saturday at Dillard University in Louisiana, a historically black liberal arts college. The 25-year-old rapper was also awarded an honorary degree by the university.

During his speech, Chance talked a lot about Beyonce and revealed that he was at Beychella (Coachella) and watched the performance while standing next to her mom, Tina Knowles.

He said, "In that instance, I realized something. I realized that all of us have a responsibility to be greater than the people who came before us." 

"We have a responsibility to be not as good as them or live up to their example but to actually surpass them, even when it seems scary. We have to overcome that fear and be greater than our role models," Chance said.

He then went on to say Beyonce is better than Michael Jackson as he encouraged the graduates to surpass their predecessors. 

"Beyonce's performance was better than any performance Michael Jackson ever did. That woman, better than Mike; black woman, better than Mike. I said it," he said. 

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"Beyonce had Mike. Mike didn't have Mike. Mike had James Brown. James Brown had Cab Calloway. And so on and so on," he explained.

"Right now the greatest performer who ever lived might very well be in this audience...and that person has something Beyonce never had. They've got Beyonce," Chance said.
Watch Chance's full speech below:


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