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Kanye West admits he was 'hurt' that Beyonce and Jay-Z didn’t attend his and Kim Kardashian’s wedding

"The Breakfast Club" radio host Charlamagne snagged an exclusive interview with Kanye West. The two touched on everything in the nearly two-hour-long interview, like politics and Trump, his mental health, his relationship with Jay-Z and Beyonce, and even Barack Obama. 

Here are some noteworthy points in the interview (via Vulture):

He’s on medication, but not in therapy
Following his breakdown, Kanye says he is now on medication (but won’t name them). He says he is not actively seeking professional therapy, instead considering the world his therapist and relying on communication with friends, adding that he doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with therapy. While he says he’s in a “stronger place” now, he also detailed his darkest day:
“When I hit that hospital, it was like a bird hitting the window. I could’ve not made it out of there, but I survived. I’m happy it happened. I’m happy to have gone to the other side and back. The moment when you’re in a hospital bed and you tell your friend, ‘Don’t let this person leave my side’ and they put you inside of an elevator and take all your friends away from you, that was the scariest moment of my life. I thought I was gonna get killed. My wife wasn’t in town and I told them not to leave my side until she gets there. They were forced to leave my side. That has to change. I cannot express to you how traumatizing that moment is. And then you wake up drugged the fuck out … [Medication] is an imperfect solution to just calm me down, but there’s a lot of ways to calm down.”
Still, he says there “were elements of going to the hospital that were fire,” meaning it allowed him to have an out-of-body experience. It also taught him, for the first time, what it was like to feel insecure and the feeling forced him to relearn humility: “I had lost my confidence. I never had the empathy for people who lacked confidence. It just wasn’t Black Panther superman level confidence.” He says he’d now like to change the stigma of the word “crazy” and the stigma of mental illness.

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He’s upset Jay-Z and Beyoncé didn’t come to his wedding
Though Kanye says the root of his current feud with Jay-Z revolves around money and being reminded that Jay got him a $20 million Live Nation deal so he could tour, it’s more personal than that. He says he was “hurt” that Beyoncé and Jay-Z didn’t attend his and Kim Kardashian’s wedding. “I understand they was going through some things. But if it’s family, you’re not gonna miss a wedding,” he says, adding that he never asked their reason for declining. He also thinks that whether or not his Beyoncé diss went too far depends on how Jay-Z perceives their relationship: “If we’re brothers and we are family, then it’s my family, too. If we’re business associates, then it’s too far.” Regardless of the tension, Kanye says they’ve texted on positive terms, still love each other, and he’s confident they’ll eventually meet again in person.
Why he loves Donald Trump
Expanding on the same sentiment he expressed to T.I., Kanye says he loves Donald Trump because he feels they are both outsiders and seeing an outsider win the presidency gives him hope for himself.
“I don’t have all the answers that a celebrity is supposed to have. But I can tell you that when he was running, I felt something. The fact that he won proves something. It proved that anything is possible in America that Donald Trump could be president. I’m not talking about what he’s done since he’s been in office. Remember when I said I was gonna run for president? I had friends of mine making jokes, making memes, talking shit. Now it’s proven that that could happen … When I see an outsider infiltrate, I connect with that. It’s a time for the unconventional.”
Trump being racist isn’t a deal-breaker for him
He says his friends have asked him what made George W. Bush any more racist than Trump. His response: “Racism isn’t the deal-breaker for me. If that was the case, I wouldn’t live in America. In this gated community, I deal with racism.”
He didn’t meet with Trump because of his breakdown
And he would meet him with again in a heartbeat: “I’m not going to back down on that, I’m not going to let myself off easy by saying I met with Trump because I was going through something,” he says. “This was the Ye that wanted to change something, and I would meet with him today, and I would to talk about Chicago first. We could talk about a lot of things, get into a lot of elements. We’ll start there.”
He has some theories about why he and Barack Obama had a falling out
Kanye notes that Barack Obama has called him his favorite rapper and artist of all time, and that Obama met with Kanye and his mother to tell him he was running for president before he announced his candidacy. But afterward, Kanye says, their relationship became strained once Obama invited Chance the Rapper and Jay-Z to the White House, but distanced himself from Kanye, eventually calling him a “jackass” in an interview. “I ain’t got no problem with these rappers, but you know I’m your favorite,” he’s says. “But I’m not safe. But that’s why you love me. So just tell me you love me. And tell the world you love me. Don’t tell the world I’m a jackass, I’m fighting hard enough.”
Kanye says he still feels owed an apology for the “jackass” comment: “The same person who sat down with me and my mom, I think should have communicated with me directly and been like, ‘Yo, Ye, I was in the room and it was just a joke.’ … I love Obama, I just think we were in a period where he had so much stuff to deal with he couldn’t deal with a wild card like me.”
Watch the full interview below:

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