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Salt-N-Pepa's Sandra Denton put on blast for messing with a married man who used to do gay porn

Sandra Denton a.k.a Pepa from the hip hop group Salt-N-Pepa was put on BLAST earlier today on social media for allegedly messing with a married man who supposedly used to do gay porn!

Did you get all of that? ... More on the gay porn later (link to video at the bottom of this post)...

A lady by the name of Jordyn Taylor called out Pepa on her Instagram page after Pepa posted up her estranged husband, Aundre Dean.

Jordyn reposted Pepa's picture and wrote:

"When mistresses talk about God... it’s laughable! “Keep being a good dad?” @iamaundre can’t keep his visitations with his son because @darealpepa is parading him around the country. Still, I blame him for this! News check... Good dads pay child support & don’t break in and vandalize their wives apartments."

Jordyn continued, "Good dads also don’t stress their pregnant wives out for 15 minutes of fame with a D list “has been” senior citizen celebrity... Still, I release you both in the name of Jesus. God bless u #GUHH#heresyour15minutesoffame. Liar... saying she was your boss. Introducing me to her & asking me if SHE could be our daughter’s god mother! #fatheroftheyear."


And, Jordyn also posted a video of her and Pepa (during better happier and better times) and she wrote: "When Auntie Sandra helped me celebrate my birthday last August!"

So, according to Jordyn's captions, since Aundre got her pregnant, he has been stepping out on her with Pepa, AND he lied about it and said Pepa was his boss. AND, Pepa was cool with Jordyn and knew Aundre was a married man.

This is soooo messy. But, peep this, it gets better!

After I posted this gossip on my Instagram blog page, some of my followers commented that Aundre did gay porn! One follower even wrote that Pepa knows about it too.

So, of course, I had to check this out for myself ... and, somebody come and LOOK AT THIS...

It appears, that before Aundre was famous, he appeared in a porn video for 

If you want, you can check out his gay porn video here. 

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