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Inside Nas' listening party in Queens, New York for his new Kanye West produced album 'Nasir'

Nas is back!

Nas’ 11th solo album Nasir was debuted in full late last night (June 14) at a listening party near Queensbridge Park in Queens, New York, and I had the pleasure of joining the VIP party!

Celebrity guests included Kim Kardashian, La La Anthony, Chris Rock, Swizz Beatz, 2 Chainz, Fabolous, Pusha T, Victor Cruz, Lil' Mama, DJ Clue, and many more.

I love how many artists came out in support of Nas!

The event was outside, the weather was perfect and everyone roamed around like there was no care in the world. The celebrities were accessible and there was no crazy security separating the celebs once you entered the gates.

I knew about the event before word got out on other blogs and social media, but I kept my mouth shut because the venue kept changing and it was all put together at the last minute at a secret location (even though it was expected because Kanye had his listening party in Wyoming not too long ago ... and they had BBQ!).
I chatted with Lil' Mama, Victor Cruz, some guy who worked on the "Mean Girls" movie, a "Champs Vs. Stars" reality star (shit, forgot her name!), and other media personalities.
I walked up to Victor Cruz and was literally like:
"Hey, do you remember me from Rutherford, NJ when I met you the first time at that Thai restaurant and your daughter was playing with my car keys?"
And, he remembered me!
Let me tell you, Victor is such a sweet and humble dude. I also didn't see his girlfriend, Karrueche, there by his side. I should've scooped him up... just kidding ... no, I'm not. Lol.
Of course, the event didn't start on time so we mingled in the crowd until finally I got word that Kim and Kanye pulled up.... and, Nas pulled up. The talent was finally in the building!
The crowd started gathering down closer to the water, right by Queensboro Bridge where huge speakers were set up and Nas' album started playing.
The crowd fuckin' went wild!
2 Chainz, Swizz Beatz and Kanye started bumping their heads to the beat. The crowd was feeling it, the vibe was like one huge block party! Everyone just huddled together and was feeling the bars that Nas was spittin'.
One of my favorite songs on the album is "Adam & Eve" - that joint goes HARD, trust me.
One dope song after another played and a couple of times the crowd would yell, "RUN THAT BACK! ... RUN THAT BACK!"
Since the album only has seven tracks, they replayed the songs more than once.
Someone else in the crowd yelled out, "KANYE! YOU'RE A FUCKIN' GENIUS!"
Kanye was literally in arms reach of where I was standing. I'm not gonna lie... the thought of flicking the back of his head rolls crossed my mind, lol but I'm not stupid. I just laughed to myself, kept rocking out to the beat, recorded and was blessed I was invited.
I needed this. Hip hop needs this! We waited six long ass years for another Nas album!
Stream Nas' album below and check out more clips and photos from his listening party last night:

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