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POWER Season 5, Ep. 2 Recap: 'Damage Control'

"Damage Control" 

Season 5, Ep. 502 - Full Recap

There is a territorial issue with ports between Jason's crew and the Jimenez' crew which leads to a shootout ending with Jason's guys being shot dead and their bodies thrown in the water.

This can't be good.

Grieving process

The St. Patrick family continues grieving over Raina's death. Tasha is in Raina's room, looking at her photo and crying. Tariq can hear his mother crying from his room so he goes in to check on her.

"Mom, are you okay?" he asks. 

Tasha stops crying, gets up and says "I'm fine, go back to bed," as she walks out of the room.

Meanwhile, Angela is leading a strategy meeting with her group to find out who recently murdered the head of the Toros Locos gang as she hopes it will lead them to who the connect is.

"He was found with a gunshot to his head and nails in his hands and shoulders. It's sick to think someone would take pleasure in doing this," Angela said. 

Jerry Donovan chimes in and says, "Looks like a cartel hit. Damn, they wanted to make him hurt." 

"Criminals gossip like teenage girls, someone will talk," John adds. 


Tommy later walks in to Tasha and James' house and is surprised to find Keisha in the kitchen cooking pancakes. She offers Tommy some breakfast and he takes a seat at the table. 

"It's really nice how much you've been doing around here," he says. 

"It's the least I can do," she says. "Can't even imagine what Tasha is going through. This shit is like a nightmare that none of us can wake up from."

As Keisha and Tommy start reminiscing about Raina, Tommy remembers the day the twins were born and when James asked him to be their godfather. He says he was so proud. 

"I was supposed to protect them," he says. 

Keisha tries to get some answers from Tommy on what actually happened with Raina's death since she can't get straight answers from Tasha. Tariq is nearby eavesdropping. Tommy tells her it's better if she doesn't know what they were really doing that night. 

"You ain't never gotta say nothing, I promise," Tommy says. 

Keisha, who is a little frustrated from not getting any answers, gets up from the table to attend to Yaz as James walks in asking where Tasha is and he also thanks Keisha for breakfast. Keisha says Tasha told her she was going out.

In the very next scene, Tasha is shown meeting up with Angela, again. 

"I thought we weren't going to see each other again?" Tasha says. 

Angela asks if anyone else is aware that Tariq knew officer Raymond Jones (Ray Ray), but Tasha doesn't know. Angela tells her she needs to find out because she has done what she can in doing damage control. 

"If someone else links Tariq to this murder, then we're all going down anyway," Angela warns. 

Angela slips Tasha a cellphone already programmed so she can have open communication with her.

Tommy gets James and Kanan sucked into more BS

James and Tommy link up with Kanan outside in some alley. 

"What the fuck happened with the job?" Tommy asks Kanan.

"Turn your volume down, motherfucker," Kanan snaps back. "My boys did their part. They said Dre saw them coming like somebody warned him or something, took off running like a little bitch. The Italian boys fucked us up."

"Bullshit!" Tommy says.

"Tommy, the real question is, who could have warned him?" James asks.

Kanan starts explaining more and said his guys heard gunfire pop off, so he thought the Italians killed Dre on the spot, but then he found the spider card on his windshield. 

"I got one too," Tommy says.

"He put mine in my coat pocket while I was wearing it," James reveals.

"Why the fuck didn't you shoot him?!" Tommy asks. 

"I was at Raina's grave site, I wasn't strapped." 

James explains what the card means and said it's the Jimenez crew and that Dre is basically saying they have his back. 

"Fuck them Spanish niggas, I ain't scared of nobody," Kanan says. 

Out of nowhere, a jeep pulls up and Kanan, James and Tommy all take out their guns. 

"Tommy, you want to tell me what the fuck this is?!" James asks.

Tommy says it's Jason and he moves his weight. 

"Put the fucking gun down!" Tommy tells Kanan and James. 

Jason and his crew hop out of the jeep, strapped and rolling deep. Jason walks up to Tommy and says, "I thought I told you to stop working with Ghost?"

"Hey. whats up, J! I was just about to call you. You know I got your money," Tommy says.

But, Jason ain't having it and says, "shut the fuck up!"

Jason is pissed and claims Tommy lied to him and says the Los Angeles port deal was BS. He said two of his guys are dead and the Jimenez took his shipment. Now, Tommy owes Jason $2 million. 

James turns and looks at Kanan as they stand their listening to Jason grill Tommy. 

"You see, I don't know what will give me more satisfaction, getting my money or killing you," Jason continues saying as his crew raise up their guns and point them at Tommy.

James and Kanan pull their guns back out. 

Tommy puts his hands up and yells out, "Wait, wait, we're gonna make this right! We're gonna get through that LA port, just like I promised."

"You're gonna kill the Jimenez'?" Jason asks.

Tommy responds, "If that's what it takes." 

Kanan looks over at Tommy and then him and James look at each other.

"Since it seems like you can't do business without Ghost, you're going to kill the Jimenez' together. And, who the fuck is this guy?" Jason asks as he points at Kanan.

Kanan speaks up and says."I'm an old friend."

Jason walks right up to Kanan and tells him, "Well, old friend, now you're in it too."

James tells Jason that trying to kill the Jimenez is like suicide, but Jason doesn't care. He just walks away and says, "I will let you know when the shipment comes in."

Him and his crew pull off. 

James tells Tommy that he wants to kill Dre, not another connect. 

"Fuck you want me to do?! They were gonna kill us!" Tommy says. 

"We don't have access to the Jimenez. Tommy, this ain't Lobos or Milan, we need an inside guy," James explains. 

"Dre gonna lead us right to the Jimenez," Kanan says with no worries. "We gonna kill them, then we gonna kill that motherfucker. Everybody gets what they want."

"You hearing this?" Tommy says to James. "If we take the Jimenez off the table and Jason got our back, then Dre becomes a clean kill. This is a beautiful idea, K. Ghost, you down?!" 

"Jason just drafted me. What other choice I got," James answers. 

Now, James has even more problems added to his plate.

Crazy Diego

Dre walks into a Diego Jimenez sexscapade with two women. As Dre is about to step out, Diego tells him to hold on because he's almost done. So, Dre stands there, looking real uncomfortable and tries not to look. 

After Diego is done, he walks over naked, then puts on a robe as he explains that he has a big shipment coming in and he's counting on Dre to make up his money that he lost in a previous raid. 

"When are those Bassett people going to give you control of the clubs too?" Diego asks. 

"I'm on it, I got it," Dre assures Diego. 

"Well, then be on it ... I ain't got time for fuck ups and neither does my sister," Diego says.

"Whatever you say, Diego." 

Taking down Ghost and ending Angela's career

Back at the office, Cooper, John and Jerry go over Maria's statement and try to piece together who Ghost is. They realize Maria and her fiance, Miguel, were both kidnapped the same night James opened up his club, Truth, which has a loading dock which is where they believe Maria and Miguel were taken. 

"You really think James St. Patrick would kill a guy on the loading dock of his own club?" John asks Cooper and Jerry. 

John asks if they are really thinking about parading a blindfolded witness to a jury. But, Cooper tries to convince John that Maria is a credible witness. 

"If St. Patrick is guilty of murdering Miguel Alvarez, he's a drug dealing, kingpin, dirt bag," Cooper says. "We get him, we redeem this whole office, and there's an added bonus. We end Angela's career."

"The fuck!" Jerry says, "Is that the reason you asked me to keep this away from her?"

Cooper tells Jerry that he needs to keep it to himself because it's Tamika's orders. Tamika knows Angela has a problem with boundaries when it comes to James and Tommy. 

"Angela needs to go for sure, but Maria Suarez is not going to get us there," John says. "There's only one person who knows the true extent of St. Patrick's guilt. That person to talk is a witness of a life time."

Councilman Tate exploits Raina's death

Councilman Tate goes over the fundraising goals with James and says once they hit the $15 million mark, they can have an official ribbon cutting ceremony for the community.

James asks how can he help, but Tate says all of the unanswered questions surrounding Raina's death is bad for business. 

Tate continues to explain, "It leaves open questions as to why a supposedly clean guy like you has a dead daughter. It's going to prevent investors from getting on board. We need to solve Raina's murder."

"The investigation is out of my hands and the police are doing everything they can," James says. 

"It's not enough," Tate says as he suggests James and Tasha do a press conference to help the NYPD get some leads. 

Tate also says the press conference will help donors to open up their checkbooks, for "Raina's legacy," he adds. 

Feeling backed against a corner, James says he will talk to Tasha about it. 

Tommy gets himself in deeper shit with the Italians

Tommy knows he's in even more BS when he see's Sammy waiting outside of his place. He tells Tommy to get in his car and they both head over to a secluded car garage. 

"What the fuck are we doing here?" Tommy asks.

He then see's a wounded Carmine, one of the guys he hired to capture Dre. Tommy runs over to him and says, "Fuck, now I know why you weren't returning my calls."

The other guy, Marco, who got shot by Dre, died on the scene and his body was found. 

"The guy you hired us to grab was strapped. We had him, but he got the drop on us and ran," Carmine explains to Tommy.  

Oh, and if that's not bad enough... Vincent knows about it. 

Carmine says, "You gotta tell Vincent what happened, that you hired us, Tommy." 

Tommy pulls out his gun, but Sammy grabs him and whispers, "that's not the way we do things. He's Vincent godson."

"I want to talk to Terasi, I just need to figure this out," Tommy says and he puts his gun away. 

Dre maintains order in his organization, James and Kanan chop it up

Back at home, James questions Tasha's whereabouts from earlier and she simply tells him that she had to run an errand. She returns the question as he's getting dressed in the closet and asks him where is he going. James responds, "I have to run an errand."

He talks to her quickly about the press conference that Councilman Tate wants them to hold, but Tasha ain't down with it.

"There's no way we're doing that press conference, Ghost. We know who killed Raina," she says. "Any information that comes out about Ray Ray can lead back to Tariq."

Tasha asks James the same question Angela asked her earlier: who else knew about Ray Ray and Tariq knowing each other. He says Dre knew. Tasha also tells James that he needs to ask Kanan and see if there's anyone else who knew. 

Tasha wants to send Tariq to private school and thinks it will be good for him to get away from everything.

"I'll think about it, but there's a big part of me now that doesn't want to let our son out of my sight," James says. 

Dre maintains order in his organization over who should help him move the weight for the Jimenez and who should take over the shipment that Father Callahan used to push. Afterwards, he walks out of the warehouse and right outside watching nearby in a car are James and Kanan.

"We could get him right now," James says.

"No doubt, but we need that nigga to lead us to the Jimenez," Kanan says. 

"Sorry about your kid," Kanan adds. "Tariq tried to step up though, he's a tough little nigga."

James asks Kanan who else knew about Tariq fucking with Ray Ray besides him and Dre. Kanan mentions Brains and says no one has seen him around in awhile. 

"I know you don't like it, but the boy gangsta. It was born in him. Better than you at that age. He cold with it," Kanan says. 

"I don't want that life for Tariq, K. As for me, once I'm done with Dre, I'm out the game for good, I mean it," James reveals. 

Kanan points out that Tommy's Italians fucked James up and says they wouldn't even be in this shit if it weren't for Tommy. "Dre would be dead and you'd be out."

Convicting the Jimenez crew

At the St. Patrick's house, Tasha is sitting in Raina's room again, looking at an old photo of the two of them. James pops in the doorway and Tasha asks who else knows about Tariq and Ray Ray. James mentions Brains and explains they could be in the clear. Tasha says they need to get Tariq away from Kanan and from all of it.

He walks into Raina's room and says he hasn't been in there since she died. 

"You can't come in and I can't leave," Tasha says. 

She brings up a grief support group at the church and says she needs to attend. She asks James if he can go, for her. 

Tasha sends a text to Angela which reads: 'David Struthers? Street name Brains.'

Angela is at the office and she does a quick search on Brains in the system and see's he's deceased. She looks at his information and clicks on his arrest record which leads her to looking at the profile of one of his close associates, Big Country, who is also deceased. 

"How do these people know Tariq?" Angela asks herself. 

She's then interrupted by a knock at her door, it's Tamika. Time for a meeting with the rest of the team. 

Angela reveals they have a match on the gold gun which was matched to the homicide of Celeste and her husband Mason Cruz, the guy who died from an execution style drug overdose. Also, their baby is missing. The team analyzed the cocaine found at the crime scene and come to a conclusion that the Jimenez' are the Toros Locos' connect. 

Angela tells Cooper to reach out to the NYPD for their files so she can review any surveillance footage they collected. While in the meeting, Cooper seems as if he's taking down notes, but he just writes out: 'ok bitch' on his notepad. 

Angela says, whoever owns the gold gun was at both the Cruz crime scene and the Toros' pad, and they are linked to the "Jimenez brothers."

"Nice work, Angela," Tamika says. "If we can convict the Jimenez, everyone in this room is going to the big leagues."

Tommy has to clean up his mess with the Italians

Tommy visits his father, Tony Teresi, in jail. Tony tells him, in code, to confess to Victor that he was the one who told his guys to capture Dre and then apologize like a man and take whatever punishment Victor hands to him. 

"You should've come to me first," Tony says and hangs up the phone.

Yeah, Tommy knows he's in some shit now.

Tommy and Sammy later return to the secluded garage with some type of in-house doctor to patch up Carmine. But, it's too late, Carmine died. Tommy yells at Sammy and says he didn't even give him a chance to talk to his father first.

Sammy faces Tommy and says, "Why would I? Clearly you're out of your fucking league. Now you gotta explain two dead guys to Victor."

Joe Proctor's hearing 

John walks in to a bar and finds Joe Proctor. He mentions Proctor's bar hearing which is coming up and says things aren't going to end well for him. 

"It's not my first time to the rodeo. It'll work out, it always does," Joe says. 

John tells Joe he is willing to throw out the bar complaint if he can provide him with some background information on some of his clients - more like: James and Tommy. 

"You're gonna save my law license so I can break the law? That's a good one, John. You come up with that one by yourself?" Joe asks. "Which clients do you want me to rat on?"

But, John says he won't say until Joe reveals he'll do it. Joe tells him good luck with that.

"Don't pretend you're a decent guy who cares about his clients, Joe. I do know you care about your daughter. How are you gonna take care of her if you can't practice law?" John says and walks off.


Terry Silver walks into the court house and John says to him, "I see you're not on Joe Proctor's list of character witnesses for his hearing."

"He doesn't need me," Terry responds.

"Oh, yes, he does," John says. "You're on the board of destroy and justice and you just tried a big press case together which you won."

"And, I assume that bitter taste in your mouth is what brought you here?" Terry says.

John points out that Joe got disqualified for a case that him and Terry were both working on together and says his testimony is of the utmost importance. 

"The hearing committee won't be able to make an informed decision without you. If you're not on the list, I assume it's because you have something negative to say," John further points out. 

"I'm not into servicing personal vendetta's, John, especially yours." 

John pulls out an envelope and serves Terry a subpoena. 

Inside the courtroom, Joe pleads his case during his hearing and mentions John's name and says the allegations filed against him are from a malicious prosecutor who was focused on ruining his good name for his own petty revenge.

John walks into the courtroom, takes a seat, and hears Joe's conclusion. It is brought up that two witnesses scheduled to give testimonies disappeared before Joe's other hearings. Joe says he doesn't know what happened to them. 

Joe is then asked, "Did any of your other clients at the time have something to do with their disappearance?"

"No. And, I resist the implication that I would ask another client to commit a crime on my behalf or silent a witness. I'm not a gangster," Joe says. 

He then gets asked about his last name and why he changed it. Joe's father died awhile ago after he was acquitted of attempted murder. Joe says that is why he changed his last name, because that is not who he is. 

"I became a criminal defense attorney because I believe in justice.... just because I stand beside criminals, does not mean I am a criminal," he says.

Terry enters the courtroom to testify, to Joe's surprise, as another witness during his hearing. 

Terry is asked questions about the James St. Patrick case and says he felt there was a conflict of interest with Joe and James during the case. Terry is asked if he thinks, in his opinion, if Joe is an ethical attorney. 

"I think there's a gray area in criminal defense when your client is innocent where perhaps passion overwhelms the hard lines of ethics," Terry answers.

Joe continues to defend himself and he challenges Terry back. 

Joe finishes up by asking Terry, "You never comprised yourself for an innocent client before?" 

"No, I haven't," Terry responds. 

Dre makes it clear he's the boss, Kanan is on the lookout

Two of Dre's guys are out driving and talking shit about moving up in the organization when they spot a 718 tatt on the neck of a guy named Lorenzo who is walking and talking on the phone. 

The driver, Spanky, is forced as being the getaway driver as the other guy, 2-Bit, is on the passenger side takes his gun out and shoots Lorenzo dead in broad daylight. 2-Bit tells Spanky that Dre wanted that Toro dead. 

Later on, 2-Bit heads back to the warehouse all proud of handling the shipment and taking out Lorenzo. But, Dre isn't happy with the news and he yells at him to get the fuck out of his face. 

"Your boy fucked this up," Cristobal tells Dre. "Anyone else finds out he did this, we're all dead. You need to take him out, him and Spanky." 

Dre heads out and schools 2-Bit about the hit he did and says it can't come back on them. 2-Bit swears no one saw him.

"Yo, you're not getting the goddamn point. When I tell you to do something, you do the shit my way," Dre yells. 

"Oh shit, the Jimenez got you thinking you better than everybody else?! Just remember, you wasn't shit when we met, my nigga!" 2-Bit reminds Dre.

Dre steps up to 2-Bit's face and says, "I ain't ya nigga no more, boy! You work for me, Francis. And, from now on, you do what I fucking say! That's my shit, my organization." 

Dre tells his boy that him and Spanky are out and Cristobal is going to takeover their job. 

Right down the street is Kanan, watching everything closely from his car.

Kanan later meets with his two connects that were previously after Dre. He tells them that Dre is still alive and Kanan also reveals his plans to get in good with Tommy's new boss, Justin, and says him and his crew will eventually take over Tommy's organization. 

Tasha needs counseling 

Tasha and James later attend a grief group. They sit in a circle with other couples and hear their stories. One guy shares a story about his son, Luke, who was walking home from school and was killed by a drunk driver. The father confessed that he still follows the guy, Jeff, who killed his son. He said Jeff still grabs a bottle of liquor and he names the liquor store he goes to. 

"It's only a matter of time until he kills another kid," the father says. "Is it wrong to want him dead?" 

James looks at the man and is listening. 

When asked if anyone else wants to share, Tasha is about to raise her hand, but James stops her.

Afterwards, Tasha tells him that she needs to talk to somebody. 

"Tasha, that's not the most appropriate place to do that. Those people don't understand what we're going through," he says.

"I can share how I'm feeling without saying why," she explains.

James says, "It's best not to say anything at all."

After Tasha gets out of the car, James calls Councilman Tate and tells him that Tasha is not in the best state at the moment to do a press conference. But, Tate says to bring Tasha to a mixer he put together at the last minute and says maybe her seeing their goals to honor Raina will lift up her spirits. 

James is still sitting in his car and he calls Angela. She doesn't pick up so he leaves a message: 'Hey, Angie. I'm not doing that good. Can you please call me back." 

He takes a swig from a bottle right after he hangs up. 

Angela later hears her message from James while she's at a cafe, but she's meeting up with Tasha, again. Angela reveals what she found in the system and says Brains and Big Country are both dead and they were participating in a burglary, and that case is still open. Angela wants to make sure that neither Tasha or her family had anything to do with Brains and Big Country being dead. Tasha knows nothing about it and tells her no. 

"As long as Tariq doesn't get implicated in this robbery ring then he should be okay," Angela says. 

Tasha says she's going to send Tariq out of town awhile for school.

When Tasha gets home, she tells Tariq that her and James have agreed to let Tariq go to school out of town.

"What happened to Raina is all my fault. And, everyone knows it's all my fault, including you," Tariq says toTasha. 

"Riq, I don't like the choices you've made, but I'm still your mother, and I'm always gonna love you," Tasha says. 

She tells him that Brains and Big Country are dead, and she asks Tariq if he told her everything. He says yes, she knows everything.

"I'm gonna make better choices from now on, ma, I promise," Tariq says. 

Councilman Tate fools James and Tasha

James and Tasha later attend the last minute "event" that Councilman Tate put together and they're immediately put on the spot as soon as they walk in. They were blinded and didn't realize the event is actually a press conference. 

Tate introduces James and Tasha to the crowd and announces they want to say a couple of words while the press listens and takes photos. 

"... We tried to protect her, but I can't help but feel responsible. We are all responsible," Tasha says on the podium as tears are coming out of her eyes. 

After the press conference is over, Tasha is pissed and feels like James set her up. 

James explains that Tate set both of them up, but Tasha ain't hearing it and she walks away. 

James gets on Tate and says, "you ambushed us to go on camera!"

"James, it will all pay off, trust me," Tate says.


Back at club, Dre is smoothly running things and then he see's Diego sitting in the VIP section. 

"I like your system," Diego tells Dre. 

Also inside the club is James who see's Dre and Deigo talking and quickly walks away.

Diego tells Dre that he wants him to fuck a girl named Franchesca for a job well done. Dre says he's good, he's working. But, Deigo gives him a serious look and demands, "now!" 

So, Dre and Franchesca go to the bathroom and he says, "how much to tell him we did this shit?"

"That's not gonna work, look, he'll smell my pussy if he has too. If I'm dry, I'm dead, so are you. So, let's just have some fun," Franchesa says and walks over to Dre.

She kisses Dre and he just goes with the flow and bends her over the sink. He grabs her hair and fucks her really quick. It's not too long until Diego walks in the bathroom and says, "my turn to watch."

Dre quickly stops and exits the bathroom. "I'm good, man," he says. 

Tommy gets punished by the Italians 

Back at the office, Tamika, Cooper and John find out that Tommy is Tony Terasi's kid and that they have a new relationship.

"That's a particularly twisted gene pool," Tamika says.

Angela reveals to her team that she reviewed the surveillance footage from the Cruz crime scene and saw it was Diego Jimenez himself who did the killing. Diego was seen exiting the building with a woman and two of their associates exited from a side door. The team isn't aware just yet that the woman is in fact Diego's sister. Angela believes she can get her to talk. 

Meanwhile, Victor shows up at the garage and Tommy confesses what happened to his godson and Marco. 

Tommy also lies and tells Victor that he took care of the guy who shot them. Sammy vouches for Tommy and said he made it right. Vincent says Tommy will take a 50 percent cut on their drug profits and pay restitution to the grieving families. 

Tommy says he meant no disrespect to the family. Vincent tells him that his father is a good man and he warns Tommy not to tarnish his name. 

After Vincent leaves, Tommy thanks Sammy for covering for him. But, Sammy is livid and he punches Tommy multiple times in the face. He says, he told Tony he wouldn't let Vincent hurt Tommy, but he's not covering for him ever again.

James gets revenge

Angela is in her office as she continues to ignore phone calls from James.

He leaves another voicemail: 'Angie, we need to talk!'

James has his black hoodie on and he's now waiting in a dark alley as a man walks out of a liquor store, sipping from a bottle. The man walks to his car as James tells him, "you know you shouldn't drink and drive, you can kill somebody."

"You should mind your own fucking business," the man snaps back. 

James asks if he killed a kid named Luke and the man says, "I don't know the kids fucking name."

James doesn't think twice and immediately stabs him in the back and then pushes him up against the building and stabs him repeatedly to death. 

All of his anger, he takes out on this man as he seeks street justice for the father from the grief support group. 

James leaves the alley and the man, Jeff, is now dead in the alley with his liquor bottle next to him, with liquor pouring out of the bottle and into the street. 

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