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POWER Season 5 Premiere Recap: 'Everyone Is Implicated'

"Everyone Is Implicated" 

Season 5, Ep. 501 - Full Recap

- After the tragic death of his daughter, James "Ghost" St. Patrick forges a revenge plan and puts himself in danger. He forms a dangerous alliance with his bro, Tommy, and mortal enemy Kanan. 

- Angela is implicated in murder and turns to an unlikely ally. 

- Tasha enlists LaKeisha to protect Tariq.  

- Dre is public enemy #1. 

The aftermath of Ray Ray's death

The season premiere of season 5 opens up with a nervous Angela still at Detective Raymond Jones' (Ray Ray) crime scene. She's thinking about everything that has led up to Ray Ray's death and retracing all of the red flags. Angela recalls Tasha looking for Tariq and telling her not to call the cops to track him ... she gave Tariq's location to Tasha .. she bumped into James and asked what was in his bag ... and, even her colleague, Cooper Saxe, said if he were a father, he would want revenge for his daughter getting murdered. 

Angela is told that CSI pulled a bullet from the wall and will now send it to ballistics to see if it has been used in the crime. 

Angela heads outside as Dre walks on the block, but he stops once he see's a bunch of cop cars.

Dre immediately calls up Tariq. "Yo, what happened?"

Tariq is in his room on his bed and calmly says, "I can't speak right now." 

Dre calls up Cristobal and says, "Meet up, man, we got a problem."

Tasha returns home and LaKeisha is still at her house. She's confused with what is going on after Tasha asks if Tariq is still in his room. Tasha asks for a favor and tells Keisha if anyone asks, just say we were home all night. 

Keisha is concerned and she asks her friend, "Are you gonna be straight with me, Tasha? What happened?"

"I need your help," Tasha says.

Keisha gives her a hug and says they will will talk about it in the morning.

Meanwhile, the trio is back out on the streets together: James, Tommy and Kanan. 

"We need to find someone who can't be traced to us incase the Jimenez figure it out," James says. 

"Shit, I can do it, Dre don't even know I'm alive," Kanan responds. "They ain't even gonna look for me, they never heard of my ass."

"Smart, K," James says. 

"Yeah, as long as Dre hasn't figured out his Tejano hitters never made it back home," Tommy adds.

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They head over to Tommy's place but before going inside, James stops Kanan at the door and says, "Woah, woah, how do we know we can trust you, K,"? 

"You set me on fire, nigga, not the other way around," Kanan responds. 

"Yeah, but K, you're not the forgiving type, nigga, you know that."

"I could have shot ya'll both 20, 11 times already," Kanan says and tells James to move out of his way. "Dre's the problem, right?"

"Right," James agrees.

Everybody is going down

Back at the office, Cooper interviews Maria Suarez, the old witness, and is making sure she heard Tommy call James "Ghost." Maria says she never heard the name Tommy Egan. 

She tells her story and says, "The man he called Ghost sent me home."

She said Ghost killed her fiance, Miguel, and she never saw him again. She then confirms James St. Patrick, the man she heard on the TV, is in fact Ghost. 

"I'll never forget his voice," she says. "He is Ghost!"

Uh oh!

Cooper is all pumped up as he realizes James has been Ghost this entire time. But, John Mak basically tells Cooper to hold his horses since Maria was blindfolded the entire time and only can identify James as Ghost by his voice. 

"The whole idea isn't worth much," John says.

"C'mon! You think she can't recognize a voice?" Cooper asks. 

John says if they start up with James again, it is going to look like a vendetta. The new U.S. Attorney, Tamika Robinson, agrees with John and says, "if we're going down this road again, it better be a bullet proof case... I'm not moving forward officially until Angela weighs in."

"If it concerns St. Patrick, we can't let this get anywhere near Angela. We need a full Chinese wall here," Cooper says..

He then turns, looks at John and says, "sorry."

John replies, "One, I'm Korean. And two, the wall is actually in China. It's not racist if it's true."

"Can I hold you to that?" Cooper says. 

Tamika says Angela can't touch a St. Patrick case for appearances sake but she is, however, able to evaluate the case. 

"Where is Angela anyway?" Tamika asks.

A secret meeting

In the next scene, Angela is shown meeting up with Tasha in a parking garage.

"Why are you blowing me up?" Tasha asks. "What's this all about, Angela?"

"Tariq was never missing, was he?" Angela asks. "Detective Raymond Jones is missing... he's dead and Jamie killed him."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Tasha says. 

Tasha continues to defend herself while being scolded by Angela. 

"I gave you the location and now he's [Ray Ray] dead," Angela says. "Jamie killed a New York City cop and now I'm a fucking accessory because I believed you!"

"Ghost didn't kill anyone and I didn't trick you! I used the location to find Tariq and I found him," Tasha says.

Angela isn't buying it and doesn't believe Tasha. "I'm gonna have to turn you all in now, Tasha... and I'm going to have to testify against you and Jaime."

Tasha stands there and looks worried. She thinks really quick and then blurts out, "Tariq shot him... with my gun."

Angela is stunned by this news.

"I didn't lie to you. I was looking for him [Tariq] to stop him," Tasha explains. "Look, no one is going to jail, Angela. No one even knows anything you just said. I handled it, I took every precaution. You don't understand..."

Angela interrupts Tasha and says, "No, you don't understand!"

Angela tells her that she just left the crime scene where the cops pulled a bullet from the wall. She asks Tasha where her gun is now but Tasha says the gun is gone and says to report it stolen. 

Angela explains when she executed the search warrant on Tasha's apartment, the team took her gun and ran the bullet sticks and now it's already in their system database. She said it's only a matter of time before the gun traces back to Tasha and then they'll all go to jail.

Tasha starts thinking how she can save her and her family. She asks how much time do they have until they compare the records to the bullet from her gun. Angela says it can be anywhere between 24 to 30 hours. 

"Is there anything you can do to stop it?" Tasha asks. "I didn't want this to happen, Angela. But, we are here now and I cannot lose two children to that goddamn cop!"

"You want me to bury the records?" Angela asks. 

Angela realizes she has to clean up this mess so the gun doesn't trace back to Tasha and so she can save her own ass as well. 


Dre meets up with Cristobal and hears bad news. Cristobal tells him the hitters he sent to take out Kanan never came back.

"Ahh, fuck!" Dre says while realizing he's in some deep shit.

Cristobal says now they just have to watch out for Kanan. But, Dre says they also have to watch out for Tommy as well since he now knows they were responsible for setting up Julio, thanks to Father Callahan spilling the beans. 

Dre tells Cristobal that he had to shut Callahan's mouth up.

"You killed a priest?!"

Dre gives him a look and Cristobal says, "Damn, Dre" as he makes the sign of the cross with his hands. 

"I didn't want a Tommy owned bitch running around with shit to say about you and me, collar or no goddamn collar," Dre says.

Dre says James loved Julio too. So now Cristobal realizes Tommy, James and Kanan are all after them. 

Yeah, good luck with that, guys!

Cristobal suggests that maybe the Jimenez duo, Alicia and Diego, should handle it. But, Dre says he promised he wouldn't start a war and that's why Alicia signed on with him and his team. He can't go back on his word now, he explains.

"But, if we are the target, then we can use that to our advantage," Dre explains. "All we have to do is let them know where to find us."

The blame game, James and Tasha want answers

Tommy pulls up with James and Kanan in his infamous blue car as James meets up with Tasha and Tariq outside of a church building (where Raina's service will be held at). 

Tasha looks over and see's Kanan has hopped out of the backseat.

"What the hell is Kanan doing here and why are you with him? Where were you last night?" Tasha asks James. 

James responds, "we'll take about it later, Tasha."

Councilman Rashad Tate meets the St. Patrick family outside and leads them inside the church to discuss Raina's service and how a carefully selected crowd of press will also be invited to the service. James explains to Tasha that he's going to dedicate the project he's building with Rashad to their daughter in her memory. He also says they will need the media present for donations and support. 

"It's a tremendous opportunity," Rashad says to Tasha.

"My daughter is dead. That's not a goddamn opportunity!" Tasha responds as the preacher steps in to calm her down a little. 

Rashad suggests Tariq does the eulogy and while James and Tasha both don't think that's a good idea, Tariq steps up and says he'll do it. 

Meanwhile, outside the church, Kanan and Tommy chat it up. Kanan asks if Tariq saw them kill Ray Ray. Tommy lies and says Tariq didn't see anything and got there after Ray Ray was dead. 

"Don't worry about Tariq, K, family got his back," Tommy says. 

"Feels like you're forgetting if I didn't call, Tariq would be dead," Kanan reminds him.

Tommy snaps back, "I also know Tariq would've never met this Ray Ray motherfucker if you didn't introduce him. You stop fucking with Tariq, K, and you and me, we're cool."

When the St. Patrick's return home, Tasha starts questioning Tariq. 

"Why was Ray Ray following you?" she asks.

Tariq responds, "Why does it matter now?"

James steps in and says to Tariq, "Go ahead, tell your mother about your little punk ass life of crime."

James says he knows all about Tariq rolling with Kanan.

Tasha is shocked to hear this involves Kanan and says, "Wait, Kanan is behind this!?" 

James gets Tasha up to speed real quick and says Dre is actually the problem. James sits infront of Tariq and asks how does Dre know Ray Ray and why would Dre send him to confront Ray Ray about Raina.

"You're just a little kid," James says.

"I'm not a little kid," Tariq responds.

James jumps up and yells at his son, "Yes, the fuck you are!"

"Ghost, please!" Tasha says trying to calm him down.

Tariq is still sitting down, looking up at his father and he is SHOOK! He looks scared as hell, as he should be. 

James composes himself, sits back down and calmly asks Tariq, again, "How did Dre know Ray Ray, answer the question." 

Tariq stares at his father and James stares right back at Tariq and says very calmly and sternly, "you gonna answer these questions."
Tariq starts talking and explains that Dre met Ray Ray at Kanan's base after he did. Tariq continues to answer questions and tells his father that Dre also knew Kanan was alive the entire time. James pops up out of his chair in disbelief.

"Dre told me to stay away from him [Kanan]," Tariq further explains. "I told Dre I was going to tell you about Kanan if he didn't tell me where Ray Ray was. That and I held mom's gun on him, so he said something."

"Tariq, you are so lucky he did not shoot you," Tasha says. 

James says, the moment Tariq left Dre, Dre should have called him or Tommy or even Kanan or took the gun away from Tariq or he could have given him the wrong address to find Ray Ray.

"... The little motherfucker sent you to Ray Ray to die," James schools Tariq. 

Tariq pops up out of his seat, walks infront of his father and says, "I wanted to make it right for Raina! I did the right thing, didn't I?! What would you have done if you were me, pop?!"

"What would I have done?!" James says stepping closer to Tariq's face.

Tasha steps in the middle of them both and tells Tariq he could have told her, his dad or Tommy what was going on.

"How long did Raina know you were in trouble with Ray Ray?" Tasha asks and looks Tariq dead in his face. "Why didn't she tell me? Tariq, she told me everything."

Tariq stands there, looking at the floor and is dead silent.

"Cuz he told her not to, Tash," James answers for him. "Cuz he thought he could handle it all on his own."

The Ghost side comes out again as James continues to berate Tariq and says to him, "If you weren't so fucking stuck on stupid, your sister would still be alive, don't you get that?!"

He yokes up Tariq and Tariq tries running away. James goes after him and tells him to get back as he grabs Tariq up and slams him against the wall. They stare each other in the eyes and Tasha jumps in, again, and tells Tariq to go to his room. 

As Tariq is walking away, Tasha tries to calm James down and says, "You said it Ghost, you can't do anything worse to him than that. Besides, this is not all his fault."

"That's true. You wasn't watching him, Tash," James responds and walks away. 

Tasha is shocked to hear James also blame her for their daughter's death. 

She walks after him and says, "Are you fucking kidding me?!"

"You know what, go ahead, blame everyone in this house for Raina's death, including her if you want to. But, that still doesn't change the fact that Kanan is the reason that Tariq is in this mess. I mean, you and Tommy just riding around with Kanan like this ain't his fault! Your son is fucked up because of Kanan!"

"Our son almost died because of Dre!" James says. 

He looks Tasha in the eyes, like he's about to cry, but he doesn't, and he walks away and gets on the elevator. 

"Ghost!" Tasha calls out after him. But, he's gone and leaves her standing there in the middle of their living room. 

Angela's lies are building up 

Back at the office, Angela is on her computer and uses D. Gaines' login to their restricted database. She now has to figure out a way to block ballistics from tracing Tasha's gun. 

She locates Tasha's registered caliber firearm in the system and as she's about to delete the file, Tamika knocks at her office door. Angela pauses and turns her computer screen off really fast. 

Tamika wants to know why she couldn't reach Angela last night and says she needed to reach her on a pressing matter but she didn't pick up her phone. Angela lies and says she was home but she went to bed early. Tamika wants to make sure Angela is not distracted in her new position. 

"Not distracted, exhausted. I fell asleep. I'm completely present and totally focused," Angela assures her. 

"What were you calling about, the pressing matter?"

"I don't remember," Tamika says before walking out of Angela's office. 

Angela turns her computer screen back on and instead of confirming the deletion of Tasha's gun file, she cancels her request and doesn't delete the file just yet.

Tamika finds Cooper down the hallway, pulls him to the side and tells him, "I don't think Angela is being straight with me about where she was last night. In case you're right, keep Maria Suarez away from Angela until I tell you otherwise."

Tamika walks away and Cooper grins a little.

Blanca Rodriguez from NYPD internal affairs pops up at Angela's office. She saw Angela earlier at Ray Ray's crime scene and questions why someone with Angela's title, the head of criminal for the entire eastern district of New York, would be at a local murder scene and didn't sign the sign-in sheet confirming she was at the crime scene. Angela simply calls it an oversight. 

"Why were you there? I'm just asking incase I'm missing something, it'll save me a couple of steps in my investigation," Blanca asks.

Angela says she figured she would check out officer Raymond to see what kind of witness he would be. Blanca also asks Angela if she ever spoke to Ray Ray, but Angela says unfortunately she didn't get the chance. 

"He came under my radar shortly before he went missing."

Angela cuts Blanca's visit short and says she's late for a meeting so she has to get going. 

Blanca seems like she's going to be a problem for Angela in the future. She's on to her!

It's a trap!

Tommy is trying to reach his father but gets no answer when he calls him. As he's walking in the streets, a kid by the name of Abel stops him and says Father Callahan told him to find Tommy if something ever happened to him. Tommy finds out Callahan was stabbed in the park and his body was found on a bench.

Tommy is pissed after hearing the news. "He was a good man," he says.  

Now, he got that crazy look in his eyes as he asks Abel if he knows who killed Callahan. 

Abel tells Tommy he thinks it was a new connect that killed him. Both of them want to get their hands on the killer. 

"Just tell me everything you know," Tommy says. 


Kanan and James are chilling out in a car as they reminisce about Tommy back in the day. 

"Tommy was always looking for somebody to take care of him and that was your job," Kanan tells James. "Now he's fucking with these Italians, you think they got his back?"

"Nah, K, I don't," James answers. 

Tommy pops up on them and says, "what you two talking about?!"

"You!" Kanan and James both respond at the same time and they laugh. 

Tommy hops in the backseat and says, "let's go get that motherfucker, Dre!"

The trio pulls up in a very dark warehouse. James and Tommy both have their guns out as they're walking around and whispering back in forth to each other. They don't see anyone yet. 

Tommy and James are getting closer to Dre as him and Cristobal watch from a distance.

"Here they come!" Cristobal whispers.

Dre points his gun and says, "let's light them the fuck up!"

But, James is smarter than that and he whispers, "Tommy, we've been played. Run!"

Tommy and James turn around and start running as Dre and Cristobal shoot at them. Tommy and James are ducking in and out around the warehouse, dodging bullets and shooting back. It's on now!

As James is running behind Tommy, Dre winds up clipping him. James falls down and grabs the side of his stomach in pain. Tommy tells James to get up as he helps his friend up to his feet while shooting back at Dre. James limps off with Tommy who has to help him walk and then he sits James in a corner. 

Just as Dre and Cristobal close up on James and Tommy, Kanan comes driving into the warehouse, jumps out of the car and shoots at Dre and Cristobal just in time while James and Tommy hop in the car and then the trio takes off.

"You lucky his bitch ass can't shoot worth a shit," Tommy says to James who has a patch over his ribs now.

The trio met up with Joe Proctor who hooked them up with a doctor to help patch up James' gunshot wound. 

"Good looking out back there, K," James says.

"I got one with that motherfucker's name on it," K responds.

Proctor covers his ears and starts singing, "la, la, la, la...." 

"I don't want to hear anything about this, okay?" Proctor says. "I don't have a law license right now, which means, I'm not a lawyer, which means there is no attorney/client privilege. So, I don't want to know where you were tonight or who did this to you." 

Proctor turns around, looks at Kanan and says, "I don't even know who the fuck this is but I don't want to know, okay. I'm supposed to stay away from you two until I get my law license back."

James stands up in pain and asks Proctor, "So, why did you answer the phone?"

Proctor says he can help them. 

"I am so sorry about your loss," Proctor says. 

James extends his hand for Proctor to shake and tells James he'll see him at the funeral. 

But, before Proctor walks off, Tommy reminds him that he's a member of their family now and says, "family sticks together no matter what, right?"

A nervous Proctor agrees and says, "right."

Proctor knows Tommy's ass is crazy for real and will kill him, so he has no choice but to agree.

Later on, James cries in the shower. When he gets out, he has a towel wrapped around him and his chest is exposed. Tasha see's his patch over the bullet wound and tells James if he gets killed chasing Dre and leaves her to raise two kids, she will never forgive him. 

"We'll all feel better once this is over, once we get Dre," James says. 

Tasha looks up at James and says, "I will never feel better, ever."


Proctor runs into Angela who is waiting in the lobby of his place.

"I heard you have a bar hearing coming up," she says to him. "Why haven't you called me, Joe? I know you didn't break the law during the St. Patrick prosecution, I'd be your best witness."

Proctor tells Angela she's not the best character witness to have testify for him.

"Why offer to help me? To burn John Mak?" Proctor asks. "Do you want me to owe you something because that's the only thing I can imagine that will make you so invested in my welfare."

"You're innocent, I wanted to do the right thing," Angela says. 

"Why start now?" Proctor asks.

Angela says she freed Proctor's client. 

But, Proctor ain't having it and says, "whatever game you're playing with John Mak, leave me the fuck out of it, okay?! I got enough of my own problems."

Before Angela leaves, she asks Proctor if he had to do it all over again, would he still help James. He answers, "probably."

"No good deed goes unpunished, Angela. This will be behind me, soon enough."

"Watch your back, Joe. Mak isn't going to go away easy."

"Hopefully you will," Proctor replies.


Mission: Get Dre

Tasha and Keisha sit in Raina's room and reminisce as they plan some of the funeral arrangements and chat.

Keisha assures Tasha that if anyone asks where she was the other night, she'll say whatever Tasha wants her to say. Tasha thanks and hugs her friend.

Back at Tommy's place, the trio think up a new plan to get Dre since they know the location now. 

James says they should just turn their mistake at the warehouse into an advantage for them. He asks Kanan if he still has his crew in town. But, Tommy said sending in Kanan's crew will be playing right into Dre's hands.

"He's going to be looking for black hitters, he's not going to be looking for white hitters," Tommy explains. "I know you don't trust them, Ghost, but I think we need to use the Italians. Dre won't see 'em coming."

"Bingo! We use 'em both," Ghost says. 

Angela and Tasha face off

Angela shows up at Tasha and James' lobby at their place. Tasha asks if Angela took care of the gun file but Angela tells her she hasn't done it yet.

"What the fuck are you waiting for?" Tasha asks.

Angela explains how she has to log into the database with someone else's login and says it's evidence tampering and much more.

"Then don't get caught!" Tasha says. "I'm trying to save everybody."

"This wasn't a set up. Why me?" Angela asks. 

"Because I knew you would help. You used to love him [James]," Tasha responds. 

"Tasha, that's not true."

"I don't care. The version of me that used to care, I don't even know that person anymore. She had three living kids, and she had time worrying about her husband sleeping with another woman. Look, you still love him and you still owe me," Tasha says looking Angela dead in the face. 

"You ripped my family apart the first time you took him and then the second time ... and, don't think because you gave him back, it evens the score."

Angela says she's very sorry about Raina and what has happened to Tariq so if she's doing this, she's doing it for them.

"You're doing it for yourself," Tasha says and walks away.


Blanca meets with Destiny, Ray Ray's cousin. She tells Destiny that she finished her investigation and that she will receive her cousin's pension since she's next of kin. Blanca also finds Angela's business card at Destiny's place.

Tommy enlists help from the Italians 

Tommy meets up with the Italians who are cool with his pops. He explains to one of the leaders, Vincent, about quality product he has coming in and says if he uses his guys to move his weight, he'll make him so much money.

"Why? Where's your crew?" Vincent asks. 

"I had to let them go. I had one bad one in the bunch and he spoiled them all," Tommy explains. 

"I'm gonna help you out because you're Terrasi's kid. Your father has been good to the famiy so I'm going to be good to you," Vincent says. "I'll take 75 percent of what you got off your hands."

"Vincent, you will not regret making that move, I promise you," Tommy says and shakes Vincent's hand.

Tommy recruits to new guys outside of Vincent's spot. He heard these two kids are the baddest. At first, they tell him everything they do has to go through Vincent. But, once they hear Tommy say he'll give them $60,000 for one hit, they have a change of heart and tell Tommy to make it $80,000 and they have a deal. 

"$80k? Okay," Tommy agrees. "I don't even need you to murk dude. Just bring him to me. I want to be the one to pull that trigger."

Raina's funeral

Tasha and James walk into the church for their daughter's service, holding on to each other's arms.

Tasha glances over and see's her former lover and Ghost's former lawyer, Terry Silver at the funeral. 

Once they are shown to their seats, Tasha's mom, Estelle, says "Tasha, you've never even been to this church. What does any of this have to do with Raina?" 

"I'll explain later," Tasha responds.

"Who are all of these people?" Keisha asks.

"Girl, I don't know," Tasha says. 

Tommy comes down the isle to join his family in the front row, but Councilman Tate steps in and says that area is only for immediate family.

"James, the world will be watching you as you grieve, the message needs to stay clear without fueling existing doubt," Tate starts explaining. 

"You know what, I'm sick of this," Tasha interrupts. "This is Raina's godfather and my brother, you have no right..."

Tommy interjects, looks at Tate and says it's okay, he'll move back. 

"Today ain't the day," Tommy says and he takes a seat next to Keisha behind the St. Patrick's.

The reverend starts preaching and Keisha cries. Tommy reaches out and grabs her hand. His phone vibrates and he see's a message from K. He leans forward and tells James they are in position and eyes are on Dre. Tariq, who is sitting next to his father, hears what Tommy just said. 

Tariq steps up to the front and starts reading his eulogy, "Raina was my better half, full of joy and eager and willing to help out no matter what...." 

Tariq starts crying and he walks off. Keisha goes after him as James steps up to the podium to talk. 

"I wasn't prepared for this," he starts off saying. "Speaking of prepared, there are things in life you're never prepared for...."

Tariq locks himself in the bathroom, pulls out his phone and texts Dre. 

While Dre is out and about at some event, he receives a message from Tariq that warns him.

"RUN!," Tariq texts Dre. 

Dre looks around as he spots the black hitters at the event and the men start chasing him through the building. 

Tariq heads outside as Raina's casket is being carried out of the church and he joins his Father and Tommy as a pallbearer. 

Dre thinks he has escaped the hitters once he's down in a shipping area. He see's two white men who look like they're loading something and he thinks he's out of harms way. 

Dre puts his gun away and walks past them not knowing these are the Italian hitters that Tommy set in motion. They throw a white sheet over Dre's head and snatch his ass up real quick! But, as they attempt to hold Dre down and duck tape the sheet around him, Dre gets loose and is able to reach for his gun. He shoots the two guys and gets away, for now. 

Back at the church, Terry finds Tasha on some steps and says he's been looking for her. He then asks where James is.

"He's still at the grave sight." Tasha answers. "I had to leave, I couldn't watch them put her in the ground."

Terry hugs Tasha.

"I think I know what happened the other night before you came to see me. I think you're protecting someone," Terry says. "James asked you to lie to me, to protect him. I will protect you instead."

Tasha's mom comes walking down the steps and she spots Terry and Tasha kissing. Once Terry leaves, her mom walks down and says, "Tasha! What do you think you're doing?!"

"Momma, you wouldn't understand." 


Back at the office, Angela revisits the restricted website and this time she actually follows through and deletes Tasha's gun file from the database. 

Spider: Warning

It's now night time and James is still at Raina's grave sight. He's standing over her grave and repeatedly says he's sorry. 

Dre rolls up on James at the cemetery wearing a black hoodie and says, "sorry for your loss."

James reaches at his pocket and Dre tells him, "Nah, you're not strapped. Not at your daughters funeral."

"You made a mistake coming here," James tells Dre. 

"Nah, you wanna talk about mistakes," Dre says. "Let's talk about the one you, Tommy and Kanan made coming after me."

Meanwhile, Tommy returns to his place and finds a card with a picture of a spiderweb and a spider in the middle with the words "La AraƱa" (spider) on it wedged in his door. Tommy looks over his back.

Dre warns James to stay away from him and says, "See, I have the full protection of the Jimenez cartel. So, come after me again, they will kill you and your entire family." 

Kanan walks out of a strip joint with a lady and right before he's about to get in his car, he finds a spider card under his windshield wiper, the same card that Tommy received.

"So, listen to me James. If you don't want to come back here and bury another person, then I advise you to stay in your lane and I'll stay in mine," Dre threatens. 

Dre boldly places the spider card in James' suit jacket pocket and then he walks away. 

James takes the card out of his pocket and rips it up. 

Will James listen to Dre's threats? Probably not. 

Stay tuned for next Sunday's recap!

This motherfucker, Dre survived another episode! Smh. 

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