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Cardi B and her friends allegedly jumped this chick for messing around with Offset

Cardi B and her friends are being accused of jumping a stripper at Angels Gentlemen's club in New York City on Tuesday night after Cardi allegedly suspected the chick was messing around with her husband, Offset.
Word is, the girl was told not to dance that night, but she danced anyway, and that's when Cardi and her friends allegedly jumped her. 

The dancer responded on her Instagram page to numerous comments, and she said she doesn't sleep with married men. 

Peep some of the screenshots below of the dancer defending herself and her sister in her Instagam comments. Plus, the dancer posted messages on her Instagram stories which reveals some ish went down but she doesn't say with who:

Cardi B tweeted the next day:

And, Offset later posted this message below on his Instagram stories:

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