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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood: Safaree admits to sleeping with Lyrica, starts the #RayJHatChallenge after editing goof

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood is super lit this season! Between the drama of Lyrica cheating on A1 with Safaree Samuels and Princess Love against Ray J's family, this is pure ratchetry at its finest!

It's no secret that most reality shows are fake. LHHH has become a scripted telenovela with recycled storylines, fake beefs, forced fights and arguments, and let's not forget: bad lace fronts. 

Safaree's eggplant scandal, he confesses to sending a d pic to Lyrica

Safaree's peen has its own storyline this season on LHHH. And, one of the biggest storylines this season is Safaree supposedly smashing Lyrica who is married to A1. 

Well, A1 confronted Safaree and told him what K. Michelle said: that Lyrica tried fucking him. 

Safaree responded to the rumors and told A1, “it is what it is.”

Safaree also made matters worse when he said “just because you’re acting stupid, ima text Lyrica and tell her how you’re acting.”

When A1 attempted to come at Safaree (he was stopped by security), Safaree yelled out, “How someone with black nail polish, blonde dreads and sparkly shoes gonna tell me I'm week.”

He also told A1 he got shows and to “pull up.”

Towards the end of this week's episode, Safaree admitted to Ray J to sleeping with Lyrica and said he sent his now famous dick pic to her first. 

Why a married woman is allowing this is beyond me. 

Crazy edits, Ray J's hat tries to get comfortable

A Twitter user pointed out that Ray J's hat kept moving throughout the scene where he confronts Safaree on sleeping with Lyrica. It makes you wonder how many times they shot that scene, what parts are fake, and it seems like they just don't even care about how the show is edited.

Well, Ray J cleared up his hat situation with TMZ and said:

"My hat and my head was trying to connect, right?" 

Ray added that, due to the nature of the attempted conversation with Safaree, both he and the hat were "stressing" for roughly 90 minutes straight. "This hat had a mind of its own," Ray said. "I gotta go talk to the hat."

There's even a damn social media challenge all inspired from Ray's hat: #RayJHatChallenge.

Good for Ray J! ... He certainly wasn't going to go viral off of his music.

A post shared by (@ooolalablog) on

A post shared by (@ooolalablog) on

Look, I don't even care if LHHH is fake, I'ma still watch this mess! 

Lyrica's mom fights back

Lyrica's mom is an OG triple OG, and after hearing her daughter reveal that K. Michelle is the reason for her marriage problems (since K blurted out the Safaree news), momma decided to take matters into her own hands. 

Lyrica's mom attended one of K's concerts and attempted to confront the singer in her dressing room. The only problem is ... momma couldn't get pass security:

Momma also tried fighting A1's mom!

Princess Love is done with Ray J's family

After disrespecting the hell out of Ray's mom, Sonja Norwood and his sister, Brandy, Princess said she will most likely talk to Sonja again but not Brandy. Princess says Brandy acts all sweet infront of cameras but behind closed doors, Brandy sends her threatening text messages.

Princess and Ray's family had a disagreement all because Ray J went to Vegas and left his pregnant wife at home alone. Princess also thought Ray was cheating on her so she blasted him on social media. Well, momma Norwood isn't with the shits. She told Princess she shouldn't take her marriage problems to social media and that she needs to publicly apologize for trying to ruin Ray's brand. 

Princess is also beefing with Moniece and said once she drops the baby in two months, she will get Moniece.

Brooke Valentine

One of favorite newer castmembers is "Girlfight" singer Brooke Valentine. 

Brooke is shown visiting the doctor in this week's episode to get a breast reduction. While getting examined, the doc found lumps in her breasts which now needs to get checked to make sure the lumps aren’t cancer.

I hope everything is fine with Brooke! 

P.S. Brooke also has the best natural looking hair on the show. 


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